All You Need Is Love?

LOVE LOVE LOVE HER LOOK...i love how versatile she is...going from cutesy to sexy to kind of eccentric out there~ I felt she have this very seductive look that will makes you go crazy over her...ok tht sounds abit wrong LOL~
Charlotte Kemp Muhl has been featured in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Sisley, D&G, Donna Karan, Maybelline, Swarovski, and J.LO. A favorite of Terry Richardson, Muhl also starred as Lola in Elefant’s music video “Lolita”, Tiziano Ferro’s music video for “Imbranato” and as Steven Tyler’s love interest in Carlos Santana’s video for “Just Feel Better.” Go check it out!

p/s: Well i totally appreciate for all ya comments...I've decided to chop off my hair next month...not Hwang Mi Young's style but Charlotte Kemp style =)

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2 Responses to All You Need Is Love?

vivi said...

sis, cheng here. i think u can giv it a try .. ^^

.:Leeming:. said...

hehe yeap im gonna cut it short next month...missing u~~

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