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Children read after me A.P.P.L.E ~Apple~Missing my school days so so badly~i know it sounds ridiculous haha but i really miss those days we have to crack our brain for makan session after class,missing all the crazy lectures,missing all the gossiping with my gals~hmm~WAIT!!!i'm still doing my gossip routine with my housemate but not in class no it's in my ROOM!!!The guys call it
"Karma Dosa" haha it means The Sinful Room LOL~
p/s:the guys do gossip in my room too ~
photographer:charlotte darl


i'm loving my vintage shoeStephie said it reminds her of The Wizard Of Oz~
=D but it reminds me of Little Lulu~Bought this lovely vintage shoe at Junkyard SALE!!!
it's only 35bucks and i'm loving it =)

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Poster GirlTHX SA DARL!!!!thx for the information~thx for taking the effort ya~

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BlossomyFloral patterns may have reigned in the 70s but petals are blooming once again.The fashion world has gone wild over all things floral.Floral prints and motifs of all shapes and sizes bloomed over the catwalk.There is no doubt about it; floral patterns are the prints to be seen everywhere.

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Luella Bartley said her collection " was about Thora Birch in Ghost World. A bit geeky and cartoonish".
Frills, flowers & the infamous catmask. Batman is present & a breeze of rocker chick is blowing through the air.

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Pretty Blazer*Fresh floral print is the essence of spring style * Shaped with princess seams for a flattering fit*
this blazer is just so heavenly. The blue and white floral print plus its jeans fabric makes it the perfect blazer for warm and sun-shiny days.

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The Presley Gals

On Living With ELVIS'S Legacy
From her name, you'd never guess this Model is Elvis Presley's granddaughter. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you; model Riley Keough, born Danielle Riley Keough, is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and thus, the granddaughter of the late and great Elvis. But one look at the 19-year-old's features and you can quickly see the distinctive Presley genes at work.In February 2004,Riley keough made her runway debut for Dolce & Gabbana in Milan.Since then,Riley has appeared in ads for Christian Dior's Miss Dior Cherie Perfume and has also modeled for Victoria's secret.

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Vintage girly

Nylon, Lula and Russh are my all time favourite magzines because you can find lotsa vintage fashion in it. Norwegian top model Siri Tollerød is in the Spring/Summer 2008 issue of Lula magazine.Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth shot these beautiful pictures of Siri in a photoshoot that has a very girly and vintage feel. I totally felt in love wit all the pictures. these are the pictures so feast your eyes!

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Float like a butterflyDo you remember butterfly sleeves?butterfly sleeves vintage blouse it's from the 1930s , it will appeal to even the most devoted tailored suit person. It is a blouse with a saddle yoke at the shoulder and flowing, elbow-length sleeves. Who knew that they would come back!

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Love Birds On JUICE
shine with brighter, cleaner teeth with new listerine.

JUICE mag is doing an advertorial for Listerine and lucky us SPOTTED by a photographer from JUICE mag. =)He asked us what brightens up our day...??hmm~for me it's definitely got to be SHOPPING!!! hehe~and what brightens up my boyfriend day is having HOLIDAYS!!!yeap yeap we need a long holidays so badly ~

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bringing back the grooves!!
"three of hearts"

Bring back those grunge look people!!!i'm loving showpink cause they have everything i want...especially on junkyard sale u can find lotsa vintage stuff there not just that you might get yourself high-end designer labels, jo, and charlotte bought lotsa pretty dresses and i manage to get myself a vintage Christian Dior handbag and a shoe~

wee~ junkyard !!!shopping brightens up our day
~Rockin tha streets~

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08/08/2008finally my braces is on!!!

frequently asked questions

izzit really hurt?
no it doesn't hurt at all untill i start brushing it hehe~but it's really irritating!!!and i looks freaking ugly with it =D

izzit hard for u to eat?
yes it's really hard for me to eat...i cant even bite my food...hmm...

how long it will take u to have a perfect set of teeth?
9 months to 1 year~


Just another event!!!my bro was invited to coordinate for Kiehl's GO GREEN event...and i'm allowed to follow him weee~we actually enjoyed the whole event and i met up with some celebrity that i worked with in some commercial ad.2 hotties Jonathan Putra and Hansen Lee nice seeing you guys again.OH yea thx bro!!!hehe~Xanthus bro actually bought me the kiehl's go green bag for charity purpose...loving it!!!i'll definitely carry it everywhere i go and STOP using plastic bags =)


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oh COCO!!!Loving this photoshoot i think it's genius...I'm loving the style,looks,posses~EVERYTHING!!!

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