08/08/2008finally my braces is on!!!

frequently asked questions

izzit really hurt?
no it doesn't hurt at all untill i start brushing it hehe~but it's really irritating!!!and i looks freaking ugly with it =D

izzit hard for u to eat?
yes it's really hard for me to eat...i cant even bite my food...hmm...

how long it will take u to have a perfect set of teeth?
9 months to 1 year~

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3 Responses to

Clare Chiara said...

Finally got braces di!! Yeah!!
Trust me after dis ur gonna look totally HOT!! Yeah!!

JuN's Life said...


e s t a n c u s said...

eeeiiiyeerrrr.... somebody wearing braces ady ler... huhu! why la torture yourself? i thought u have relatively fair looking teeth.. haha!but as i said, realtively, you and i may not agree.. lol...

can't wait to meet up with you.. your boyfren now so busy lor.. hoho! u pulak working at cafe.. when can meet? haih.

ps/ lets xlinks okay? dun sombong ah. haha

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