1 great couple day out!!!
Weekends..!!!!Weeeee...... Just love days where you can actually take time off to de-stress... hahaha.. After long week of working, weekends are the days I will always look forward to and cherish a lot. Whole bunch of us (a-1806 crew, & Xanthus) went out to chill and do some housemates bonding hehe =). It was totally fun I must say.

First stop, nothing other than BANGSAR...a haven retail therapy place for the ladies haha (Boys I know is just nightmare for u guys). But the boys had fun as well, rite boys. =P We spent almost the whole day shopping and obviously did a lot of walking. There are so many nice and new dresses from mooie, bombshell, sevendays to Baci. Do check it out. =)

After the long and endless walking, we head to the PC fair held in the convention center, klcc to find a laptop for Aaron. It was crowded with ppl. Is like stuffed tuna in can. My god we are practically crawling all the way. But in the end we got what we came for, Aaron's new touch screen HP laptop. He was like so happy and literally was not able to sleep the whole nite. haha Good for you Aaron haha =).

The last stop of our day, a place that we can actually sit and dine, DELICIOUS. Is like discovering an oasis in the middle of the dessert. My god, we had a great time there dining and having fun with our camera. Took a lot of nice yet crazy photos.

All in all, we had lots and lots of fun. There no doubt about that. Worth the long and endless walking...haha.. Thats the end of our weekend and the beginning of the long weekdays...SIGH...specifically which I personally hate the most...Black Monday...HEHE =)

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chien said...

nice coach bag darl ;D

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