Children read after me A.P.P.L.E ~Apple~Missing my school days so so badly~i know it sounds ridiculous haha but i really miss those days we have to crack our brain for makan session after class,missing all the crazy lectures,missing all the gossiping with my gals~hmm~WAIT!!!i'm still doing my gossip routine with my housemate but not in class no it's in my ROOM!!!The guys call it
"Karma Dosa" haha it means The Sinful Room LOL~
p/s:the guys do gossip in my room too ~
photographer:charlotte darl

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qwerty said...

hey gal, can u do a post on what skincare are u using and ur skincare routine?
i really admire your flawless skin.
thanking u inadvance

plain.jane said...

is that yr real hair? you look cute :)

.:Leeming:. said...

yeap that's my real hair babe =) thx for ya compliments appreciate much =)

Anonymous said...

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