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My 21st birthday this year was the greatest and the most memorable birthday in my entire life. It was a blast and a spectacular one. Really do not know how would I put it all in words, because the feeling and the whole celebration is just simply splendid and the utmost afford my BB had done for me. First and foremost, I would like to thank all my friends that came and make that nite happened. It seriously mean so much...and I mean so much to me, just to see you all and catch up with the old times. Love ya all so much.

Why is it beyond expectation and such a surprise to me? It is because I have absolutely no idea that my boyfren would throw me a party on the day Im working. All along, I was thinking that either he would throw me a party when I am not working, or he just dont see any purpose for him to throw a party for me...since he was so busy with his pre-employment stuffs. So because of that i didnt put any high hopes on it. Added that, he was so grumpy on that day until I was so angry and just didnt cross my mind that anything special would happen.

So, with all this I carry on with my normal routine at work. Until around 11
pm, out of the blue, my boss MR Xanthus Kong, asked me to follow him to the car park to take some stuffs. So, without thinking any further i followed him blindly to his car. Still not knowing that, something special will happen. But, Xanthus kind of like gave it all away when he was talking on the phone with my boyfren. =-) hahaha....But I mean no matter what I still really didnt know what is going after following xanthus to the carpark....we went back to the cafe as i was working so i need to continue my work.... There, when it all happened...upon entering the cafe I saw all my frens were sitting down in the cafe...shouting SURPRISE to me....

I was so happy...that i could not speak and tears of joy just came pouring in my heart...hehehe...I was controlling very hard not to cry because i didnt want to ruin my make up....

There was birthday cakes.....lots of that i love so much....birthday was just so wonderful....That is not all....

The best part and the sweetest part is that my boyfriend sang me a song....he actually wrote the song and sang it to me while he is playing the guitar with my cousin Vincent...
I was so touched.....Love you so much.....BB...Thank you a lot.....If you all were wondering what my BF sang to me.....heres the lyric

First time I heard your name, thru the wind

It sound so pretty, I got to the face

Thats when I saw you standing alone, In the corner of
my eyes

Thats when I told myself to be brave, and walked up to you

I walked up to you............

I felt butterflies, flying in my stomach

I told myself to be true, I'll always love you, I'll alway
s love you....

I love you, I love you, I love you, love you 4X

I love you, I love you, I love you, love you 4X

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you 4X

A happy birthday, a happy birthday to you 4X

So, all in all....we all had a lot of fun esp when it comes to the drinking part......Baby was so drunk and so funny.....but one thing he managed to do though...which is....bring his bros down together.....esp AARON KONG hahaha....sorry aaron.....I promise that he can have my bf all you want...on your guys are just awesome....



time to don your eye patches and parrot

The Sailor Top and Shorts were adapted from 1945 pin-up outfit. Mine is not exactly a sailor top.It's more like a t-shirt with sailor scarf printed on it...i totally felt in love wit it.The high waist shorts it's from topshop, so i decided to pair them up together wallaaa~pin-up sailor style~it reminds me of Christina's Candyman video she (playing all three sisters) is entertaining young soldiers and sailors about to ship out to certain death. Imagine snappy uniforms, cigarette girls with bottles of Campari, women jitterbugging in impossibly high heels, and Rosie the Riveter at a luncheonette wearing a bare midriff. All played by Christina.


Good Day & Bad Day

surgery need to be done tomorrow sob T-T~ and my 21st birthday is around the corner not to forget it's my baby's birthday as well. Our birthday falls on the same date =). My beloved parents decided to celebrate for us tomorrow before we're back to KL. It's a BBQ Birthday Party Weee~ thx mom and dad huggies muakz~

Pictures will be uploaded soon!!!alot of pictures need to be edited and there's no photoshop here

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Dental Appointment
my tooth x-ray film
Home sweet home Malacca~ but not so sweet this time because i'm back for my dental appointment and there's a lot of things need to be done before putting on my braces. I'm scared to visit the dentist but i really need a perfect set of teeth. Alot of people been telling me it's really pain, you can't eat solid food bla bla bla.....the WORST thing is my dentist said he need to do surgery to extract my wisdom teeth OUCH~but i willing to do anything just to look pretty =) yea yea i know~such VAIN POTTY me right hehe~


Agyness OR Agy whichever you prefer

She made a headline during fashion week just because she dyed her hair from blonde to red to brunette. She can DJ and sing how awesome is that "Beuty have a voice" i was really impressed when i heard her singing in a music video featuring Five O'clock Heroes -who- .She always look effortless cool. Agyness or Agy whichever you prefer has personality and style in abundance! We love her style!
I honestly think she's a breath of fresh air to the modeling industry. She's in her mid 20's. She seems genuine. She doesn't look like she starved herself. She seems happy-go-lucky. She doesn't wear designer all the time. i think she's great!!!!

*Agyness Deyn piccy*
Agy and her lover Josh hubbardAgyness and her designer best pal of House Of Holland ' Henry Holland'



=Sister act=Pim and her sisters

Sretsis is a leading light on the Bangkok fashion scene, where the sisters have their own boutique in the upmarket Gaysorn centre,and they're a big hit stateside, too. So what's all the fuss about? Shredded featherlight chiffon dresses with plaited straps, tailored romper suits, ladybug-printed cotton knickers, and a baby pink, paper bag-waisted bustier dress for starters.Then there's the label's signature ornate custom bird eyelet embroidery, which skims the hem of sinuous trench coats and makes up decoratively cropped cotton camisole and sun dresses. Pieces come in soft hues of blush, milk,pistachio, buttercup, aqua and latte and natural fabrics like supple, superfine cotton, washed linen, laser-cut lace and tactile matte satin.

"Mon-Sun Spring/Summer collection"

The latest Spring/Summer collection,inspired by a century old Thai tradition.The Sretsis "Mon-Sun" collection celebrates the whimsical thrill of finding the perfect outfit for everyday. According to Thai custom.It was good luck to dress in the designated colour of each day of the week.

The collection 's seven traditional base colours -yellow, pink, orange, green, blue, purple, red- are set against Pim Sukhahuta's sharp prints in silk chiffon, soft cotton knits,seersuckers and silk twill from the freehand fractured, crystalline roses in Rose Storm print to Macles, a rough diamond print.

In the spirit of effortless perfection in dressy,the colection is comprised of pieces that are as wearable as they are versatile. Mix and matchable pieces and details like reversibility enable the kind of surprising pairings that make Sretsis Spring/Summer 2008 colection truly "Mon-Sun"

Fans like Kristen Dunst and Rachel Bilson are perfect ambassadors for the label's relaxed yet feminine style.You can picture the Sretsis girl as the kind of femme who enjoys long walks rather than going to the gym and drinks tea instead of coffee. she might be a little unkempt,her nails not perfectly manicured, but she's always accessorised to perfection.

"Really, it's just someone who knows what she likes, and what's good for her," says Pim of Sretsis' muse.

*i'm LOVING all those dresses*

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~1806 Party~
I have been working loads since last 2 weeks,and yesterday is my off day from work so I've decided to throw a house warming girly party...but sad to say jojo's friends can't make it,so it's more like a girly and boyfriend party haha~we had whole lotsa FUN!!!i invited charlotte darl but not jenn because he's in Penang with their new born baby toy poodle~woke up at 8 in the morning.Thanks to steph haha move in all her stuff so early in the morning ish~ish~OK TIME TO PREPARE!!!but everyone is still in bed =)so the only thing i can do is chop the cucumber into small cubes and boiled some eggs,then fetch charlotte darl here weEee~she's so worried cause ill b driving haha,On the way home we drop by at Sunway Pyramid to get pretzel and some other biscuits,but instate of getting biscuits i bought 3 new clothes in F.O.S too~im such a fashion freak hehe~finally reached home,and everyone is awake YAYY!!!! lets get the party started!!!We had a wonderful crazy day laughing so hard and playing dress up!I had never felt so happy for such a long time!I'm loving my new house mates <3

Picture Perfect
Say "Cheese"OH~my oh my gals just wanna have funFD&AARON:Gals give me sweet expression WeEEeeee~Let's go get some snacks!!!*my favourite picca*Weekenderslovey dovey <3what i'm wearing?
banana top from vintage boutique
shorts from radioactive
bikini from Roxy
straw bag belongs to charlotte =)

aww~what a sweet coupleYummilicious cupcakes,cheese cakes and pretzel .look at those crazy people hahathis looks like some series poster"The 1806" =DParty gals"ultimate cam whores"loving char darl Drunk and crazyXOXOYum*yum*rocker fellas

Playing DRESS UP!!!!
this is the fun part
what r we wearing?
joanne:stripey colorful sundress from topshop
charlotte:floral tube dress from zara
me:layer sundress from Tea & Sympathy

.:and this is how we end:.


"Can't Hardly Wait"
Me and my girls having a Girly Party today!!!we are so exited about it WeEeee~more pictures will be uploaded soon =)


Craving For Macaroons

Macaroon” means different things to different people

I'm obsessed with delightfully delectable French macaroons.These small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle, are made every morning in Ladurée’s "laboratory".With each new season, Ladurée pays tribute to this its most famous creation by creating a new flavour.Go to a fine French restaurant and you may find miniature macaroons,but!!!but!!!BUT!!!there's good news for everyone!!! you also can get it here in Malaysia.FRAMES cafe they serve the best yummilicious macaroons ever.French macaroons can be spectacularly colored and flavored meringue “sandwiches.” The concept was invented by Pierre Desfontaines Ladurée, who, at the beginning of the 20th century, had the idea to join two meringues and fill them with ganache. The “originals” combined two plain almond meringues with a filling of [chocolate] ganache; but today, ganache, buttercream or jam is sandwiched between meringues of seemingly limitless colors and flavors.The Parisian bakery Laduree is now known for its dozens of exciting flavors.include Blackcurrant Violet and Salted Butter Caramel, and of course, the basicsChocolate, Vanilla, Raspberry and Pistachio—plus special seasonal flavors like Anise,Chestnut, Basil Lime, Orange Blossom, Rose, White Chocolate and etc~etc~

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What is it about ZOOEY ???

she is the girl who's fashion sense I have admired ever since came onto the scene,a unique style icon.Her affinity for vintage dresses and eclectic pairings has distinguished her from the blue of the blonde and the blank-eyed.Zooey Deschanel can pull off in any vintage clothings.She always dresses very youthfully,sweet, yet always seems so retro at the same time.I've noticed that she wears a lot of deep blues and reds,bows ,miniskirts and not to forget leggings.I thoroughly enjoyed looking through her pictures,she looks so DARLING.My perception is that she really enjoy dressing up and looking good.Zooey Deschanel might possibly be the cutest girl on the planet.I really adore her sense of style.she never try hard and dresses too much,always feminine.Zooey appreciate the style of vintage and still making it look totally fresh and modern.

She's gorgeous, isn't she?

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