My 21st birthday this year was the greatest and the most memorable birthday in my entire life. It was a blast and a spectacular one. Really do not know how would I put it all in words, because the feeling and the whole celebration is just simply splendid and the utmost afford my BB had done for me. First and foremost, I would like to thank all my friends that came and make that nite happened. It seriously mean so much...and I mean so much to me, just to see you all and catch up with the old times. Love ya all so much.

Why is it beyond expectation and such a surprise to me? It is because I have absolutely no idea that my boyfren would throw me a party on the day Im working. All along, I was thinking that either he would throw me a party when I am not working, or he just dont see any purpose for him to throw a party for me...since he was so busy with his pre-employment stuffs. So because of that i didnt put any high hopes on it. Added that, he was so grumpy on that day until I was so angry and just didnt cross my mind that anything special would happen.

So, with all this I carry on with my normal routine at work. Until around 11
pm, out of the blue, my boss MR Xanthus Kong, asked me to follow him to the car park to take some stuffs. So, without thinking any further i followed him blindly to his car. Still not knowing that, something special will happen. But, Xanthus kind of like gave it all away when he was talking on the phone with my boyfren. =-) hahaha....But I mean no matter what I still really didnt know what is going after following xanthus to the carpark....we went back to the cafe as i was working so i need to continue my work.... There, when it all happened...upon entering the cafe I saw all my frens were sitting down in the cafe...shouting SURPRISE to me....

I was so happy...that i could not speak and tears of joy just came pouring in my heart...hehehe...I was controlling very hard not to cry because i didnt want to ruin my make up....

There was birthday cakes.....lots of that i love so much....birthday was just so wonderful....That is not all....

The best part and the sweetest part is that my boyfriend sang me a song....he actually wrote the song and sang it to me while he is playing the guitar with my cousin Vincent...
I was so touched.....Love you so much.....BB...Thank you a lot.....If you all were wondering what my BF sang to me.....heres the lyric

First time I heard your name, thru the wind

It sound so pretty, I got to the face

Thats when I saw you standing alone, In the corner of
my eyes

Thats when I told myself to be brave, and walked up to you

I walked up to you............

I felt butterflies, flying in my stomach

I told myself to be true, I'll always love you, I'll alway
s love you....

I love you, I love you, I love you, love you 4X

I love you, I love you, I love you, love you 4X

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you 4X

A happy birthday, a happy birthday to you 4X

So, all in all....we all had a lot of fun esp when it comes to the drinking part......Baby was so drunk and so funny.....but one thing he managed to do though...which is....bring his bros down together.....esp AARON KONG hahaha....sorry aaron.....I promise that he can have my bf all you want...on your guys are just awesome....


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joann3loh said...

ming ming darlz!!!!!!!!happy birthday to u!!!!i'm glad u emjoyed ur bday!!!!and afdee is so sweet!!!!nyanyi lagu untuk mu!!!!hehehe...i can stay but pray dat the shuttle bus will fetch me there..hehe...i wove u darling!!!

.:Leeming:. said...

thx darl haha and thx so much for the surprise party ya yeap yeap will pray if not just ikut us la at 11:30 we put u down at monash~but it's abit early~

anna said...

hey leeming! found ur blog thru jialing's blog haha.
glad u had a blast! ur bf is so sweet.. may u hav many more happy surprises n happy days =)

.:Leeming:. said...

hi hi anna darl =) thx alot ya appreciate it much mwah~

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