time to don your eye patches and parrot

The Sailor Top and Shorts were adapted from 1945 pin-up outfit. Mine is not exactly a sailor top.It's more like a t-shirt with sailor scarf printed on it...i totally felt in love wit it.The high waist shorts it's from topshop, so i decided to pair them up together wallaaa~pin-up sailor style~it reminds me of Christina's Candyman video she (playing all three sisters) is entertaining young soldiers and sailors about to ship out to certain death. Imagine snappy uniforms, cigarette girls with bottles of Campari, women jitterbugging in impossibly high heels, and Rosie the Riveter at a luncheonette wearing a bare midriff. All played by Christina.

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joann3loh said...

eeeeeeeeeee....comel!!!!!!!!!i miss u darlz!~

.:Leeming:. said...

thx darl =)i miss u so much too can't wait for you to b back...then we plan another party cause vince sis coming back hehe~

hahijaw said...

i hv this top. hehe saw it once n jus grab it!

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