Dream-ming or I would rather called it a life filled with fairy tales is something that I've always look forward in my life. Ever since when I was a lil kid, I love anything that has got to do with fairy tales. The fairy tales that I am looking forward, may feature folkloric characters (such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, witches, giants, and talking animals) and enchantments, often involving a far-fetched sequence of events. In modern-day parlance, the term is also used to describe something blessed with unusual happiness, as in "fairy tale ending"(a happy ending) or a fairy tale romance , though not all fairy tales end happily. But one thing for sure is that, I will work my way up to ensure that my endings are really ends happily. What I am actually selling is, life is not as simple and as boring as what you think they are. But instead you can make a change to it, by filling in all this fairy tales into your life and make it more interesting and adventurous. Filling fairy tales into ones life here, doesnt mean that unicorn, goblin and all this magical stuffs are involve to it. But it just simply means that you should make your life as magical as possible by feeling good about yourself and do whatever your heart desire you to do. Theres noone that can make your life a wonderful and magical life, but you yourself could. So, all in all, theres only one life, so live it like theres no tommorow. Do not ever see a cup as half empty but instead you should see it as it is half full. So always remember that is not the years in your life that counts but it is the life in your years that is what matter the most. With this I will start the journey of my life that I've always wanting it to be like a fairy tale.

Keep Your Dreams Come True

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雨林画室 teearts.studio (Malaysia) said...

Hi! My name's Tee, I working on art. I love to imagine and dream of something possibly or may not going to happen in my this life ;) I like both futuristic and vintage stuff, my sign of zodiac is Cancer. Nice to meet you!

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