Agyness OR Agy whichever you prefer

She made a headline during fashion week just because she dyed her hair from blonde to red to brunette. She can DJ and sing how awesome is that "Beuty have a voice" i was really impressed when i heard her singing in a music video featuring Five O'clock Heroes -who- .She always look effortless cool. Agyness or Agy whichever you prefer has personality and style in abundance! We love her style!
I honestly think she's a breath of fresh air to the modeling industry. She's in her mid 20's. She seems genuine. She doesn't look like she starved herself. She seems happy-go-lucky. She doesn't wear designer all the time. i think she's great!!!!

*Agyness Deyn piccy*
Agy and her lover Josh hubbardAgyness and her designer best pal of House Of Holland ' Henry Holland'

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Batch58 said...

damn, Agy is my muse ALL THE TIME and she always inspire me alot in way of dressing.I freaking adore agyness and she always remind me: Be youself,never forget who you are, no matter where( level and standard) you are.I got tons of her google pics in my com,hahahhahaa!

happy holiday and miss ya darl.


.:Leeming:. said...

yea i freakin love her street style~but she looks good in dresses her features~and i love ya style too darl charlotte~ur my all time fav shopping partner~

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