~1806 Party~
I have been working loads since last 2 weeks,and yesterday is my off day from work so I've decided to throw a house warming girly party...but sad to say jojo's friends can't make it,so it's more like a girly and boyfriend party haha~we had whole lotsa FUN!!!i invited charlotte darl but not jenn because he's in Penang with their new born baby toy poodle~woke up at 8 in the morning.Thanks to steph haha move in all her stuff so early in the morning ish~ish~OK TIME TO PREPARE!!!but everyone is still in bed =)so the only thing i can do is chop the cucumber into small cubes and boiled some eggs,then fetch charlotte darl here weEee~she's so worried cause ill b driving haha,On the way home we drop by at Sunway Pyramid to get pretzel and some other biscuits,but instate of getting biscuits i bought 3 new clothes in F.O.S too~im such a fashion freak hehe~finally reached home,and everyone is awake YAYY!!!! lets get the party started!!!We had a wonderful crazy day laughing so hard and playing dress up!I had never felt so happy for such a long time!I'm loving my new house mates <3

Picture Perfect
Say "Cheese"OH~my oh my gals just wanna have funFD&AARON:Gals give me sweet expression WeEEeeee~Let's go get some snacks!!!*my favourite picca*Weekenderslovey dovey <3what i'm wearing?
banana top from vintage boutique
shorts from radioactive
bikini from Roxy
straw bag belongs to charlotte =)

aww~what a sweet coupleYummilicious cupcakes,cheese cakes and pretzel .look at those crazy people hahathis looks like some series poster"The 1806" =DParty gals"ultimate cam whores"loving char darl Drunk and crazyXOXOYum*yum*rocker fellas

Playing DRESS UP!!!!
this is the fun part
what r we wearing?
joanne:stripey colorful sundress from topshop
charlotte:floral tube dress from zara
me:layer sundress from Tea & Sympathy

.:and this is how we end:.

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4 Responses to

joann3loh said...

ming ming darling!!!!i had so much funnnnn!!!!!!!!!i love u guys so much and im so happy!!!!can't wait to see u this weekend..hehe...muax muax muax

.:Leeming:. said...

hi darl jo sorry ya my cell fon out off credit d hehe~we had so much fun together weEee~next month we do another 1 haha lets think of wht theme to do haha~can't wait to c u too this weekend~missing u guys xoxo~

.:Leeming:. said...

and yea my friend who hav the same name as me leeming im sure u gonna read this hehe~thx for the compliments bout my blog =)yea i was a punk chic when i was 16 haha but things change once you grow older...now im into vintage style =)yea very delicious macaroons you can get it in TTDI plaza frame cafe =)

Janice Phua said...

hello ming, your photos are so contagious! love it so much~ =) feel so delight looking all your sweet and happy moment with your love ones! they spread hope and happiness! ^^

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