Dental Appointment
my tooth x-ray film
Home sweet home Malacca~ but not so sweet this time because i'm back for my dental appointment and there's a lot of things need to be done before putting on my braces. I'm scared to visit the dentist but i really need a perfect set of teeth. Alot of people been telling me it's really pain, you can't eat solid food bla bla bla.....the WORST thing is my dentist said he need to do surgery to extract my wisdom teeth OUCH~but i willing to do anything just to look pretty =) yea yea i know~such VAIN POTTY me right hehe~

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Nicole Lee said...

its not too bad actually. I've had braces before and now I miss having it. :D don't worry k. hehe

.:Leeming:. said...

haha u miss having it?ish~now got perfect set of teeth still miss wearing braces~funny gal =)i worried bout the surgery only =( dentist said it's painless i wonder how true is that hmm~

joann3loh said...

ming ming no worries..after this leng leng d!!!! pain no gain..haha..i miss u!!!!can't wait for this parents coming this sun u noe our plan lah ho

.:Leeming:. said...

thx darl jo hugs hugs i missing u too i'll be back tomorro wee~but sunday ur going back to ipoh d sob~nvm 2 weeks later u'll b back....yes yes obviously i remember the plan hehe~

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