What is it about ZOOEY ???

she is the girl who's fashion sense I have admired ever since came onto the scene,a unique style icon.Her affinity for vintage dresses and eclectic pairings has distinguished her from the blue of the blonde and the blank-eyed.Zooey Deschanel can pull off in any vintage clothings.She always dresses very youthfully,sweet, yet always seems so retro at the same time.I've noticed that she wears a lot of deep blues and reds,bows ,miniskirts and not to forget leggings.I thoroughly enjoyed looking through her pictures,she looks so DARLING.My perception is that she really enjoy dressing up and looking good.Zooey Deschanel might possibly be the cutest girl on the planet.I really adore her sense of style.she never try hard and dresses too much,always feminine.Zooey appreciate the style of vintage and still making it look totally fresh and modern.

She's gorgeous, isn't she?

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2 Responses to What is it about ZOOEY ???

Nicole Lee said...

oooh, she's lovely! And so are you.

vintage rocks! x

MyFairyTale said...

ur lovely too darl juenzy loving all ya dresses =)

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