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Happy Halloween peeps!!!
loving Booth!!!i'm amazed with all her photos~

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moving out again!!!to a better and bigger room weee~so this Nov i'll be really busy packing my stuff and decorating my new room...most of the boxes are filled up with clothes =)i need another bigger wardrobe!!!once everything is done i'll blog about fashion again!!!

p/s: my lovely mom called me yesterday haha right after she saw something~something that's so interesting make me laugh till my heart out~Mom u spot that too huh!!! =D

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Commercial that i've doneDestiny point blanc's music video,Nokia 2600 classic and what's in your watsons commercial.

i've always enjoy doing commercial and shoots...although it's hard work and very tiring cause you have to woke up like 4:30am and work untill 2am the next morning.But i'm having lotsa fun and gained lotsa experience~met lotsa crazy and friendly people =)ARhhh~i really MISS doing commercial sob~due to my tooths problem i have to stop going for casting and shoots =(.I'll be back next year once my braces is OFF!!! =)

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Dinner@Full House last Sunday Ken Ju aka Andrew hehe~ introduced us this cafe name Fullhouse that belongs to one of his friend.It's quite a hassle for us to get there cause we has never been to Ara Damansara before.I think the whole concept of this cafe is creative and brilliant.Each section of the restaurant is decorated to resemble the different spaces like bathroom,bedroom,hall,etc.The whole cafe is exactly like an apartment best part is most of the decoration stuff are for sale!!!

i'm loving this bed
play pretending haha joy ride wit jo darla RM2699 magazine holderme and my cherry muffinthey do sell all kinda shades,clothes,shoes and bags as wellthe ugly Betty me geeky us!!!the cutest menu!!!


Heidi's song my all time favourite cartoon
i watch this cartoon like a thousand times when i was a lil girl...let me watch Heidi and i'll be quiet hehe~this are my favourite and interesting scene from the movie~

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mummy and daddy lil girl finally graduated
p/s: i'll be uploading more pictures.
sorry for the late update my baby mac crash down!!!ARrrhhh~


Raya last planBACK TO MALACCA!!!weee~
thought of chilling at home~but my parents going out for visiting.Since i got nothing to do at home dad decided to bring me along.He said i gonna love the food and the place =)true enough when we got there i totally felt in love with the place ~KAMPUNG~!!! Kampung is a great place to stay cause it's fresh and peaceful plus there's no traffic around...yea the food is superb delicious we had rendang ayam,sambal udang,rendang lembu,etc~
~here is some pictures my bf took~
kampung scenerymissing u both fat fat and ting ting

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Checked Ladyinspired by TOPSHOP*Petite Scout Check Dress*This is one of my 1st creation =)
i'm selling it for RM59


Gemma Booth

i love Gemma Booth
i adore her photography so much~most of the time it's always bright and shinny
it really does put a smile on my face by looking all this pretty pictures =)

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~.:The Char-ming gals day out:.~
My Charlotte darl i'm gonna miss you so so much.Miss shopping with you in Bangsar,miss the vintage craving haha,plus miss getting the same stuff with you,gossiping and photo shooting~I'M GONNA MISS YOU SO BADLY!!!ARH~why you have to leave us so soon sob.Ok~ok i understand everyone have they're own future plans hehe i'll definitely visit you in Singapore after 8 months.
Wishing you all the best in Singapore XOXO LOVE YA!!!!

p/s:thx for all the advice darl appreciate much mwah!!!

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