mummy and daddy lil girl finally graduated
p/s: i'll be uploading more pictures.
sorry for the late update my baby mac crash down!!!ARrrhhh~

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leeping said...

that is skirt or dress?da colour verry nice.look pretti on u.i wan one 2.were u buy?

Anonymous said...

I like ur hairstyle ..
what kinda perm is it and how do u maintain it?
can share?

marianne said...

hey congratulations!!!!! =D

.:Leeming:. said...

leeping~it's a dress i call it the miu miu inspired dress i bought it in bangsar 2 months back.

anonymous~thx babe =)i don't perm my hair~it's my natural curls =)i don care much bout my hair hehe believe it or not i nvr comb my hair all the time =D but i do treatment once a month =)

mariane~thx babe!!!appreciate much~

Moshinotan said...


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