Raya last planBACK TO MALACCA!!!weee~
thought of chilling at home~but my parents going out for visiting.Since i got nothing to do at home dad decided to bring me along.He said i gonna love the food and the place =)true enough when we got there i totally felt in love with the place ~KAMPUNG~!!! Kampung is a great place to stay cause it's fresh and peaceful plus there's no traffic around...yea the food is superb delicious we had rendang ayam,sambal udang,rendang lembu,etc~
~here is some pictures my bf took~
kampung scenerymissing u both fat fat and ting ting

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Pepybomb said...

Hey ming, ur raya dress looks like one that miley cyrus has..go check out geraldine's blog..dun bother bout what the posts' bout. look at the 2nd last picture..isit the same dress?where u got it from? take care~ :)

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