Dinner@Full House last Sunday Ken Ju aka Andrew hehe~ introduced us this cafe name Fullhouse that belongs to one of his friend.It's quite a hassle for us to get there cause we has never been to Ara Damansara before.I think the whole concept of this cafe is creative and brilliant.Each section of the restaurant is decorated to resemble the different spaces like bathroom,bedroom,hall,etc.The whole cafe is exactly like an apartment best part is most of the decoration stuff are for sale!!!

i'm loving this bed
play pretending haha joy ride wit jo darla RM2699 magazine holderme and my cherry muffinthey do sell all kinda shades,clothes,shoes and bags as wellthe ugly Betty me geeky us!!!the cutest menu!!!

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Anonymous said...

darling!!!!we shall go there again with charlotte and all one day..eekeke..i curi pictures ya..mwaxz...good nite


Michelle Ma Belle said...


check this out :P

danson said...

wah...really nice wor

ahune said...

Hi, I like your coat very much!!!May I know where do you get it??

Moshinotan said...

tht's awesome...
where is tht huh???

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