Checked Ladyinspired by TOPSHOP*Petite Scout Check Dress*This is one of my 1st creation =)
i'm selling it for RM59

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Michelle Ma Belle said...
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.:Leeming:. said...

haha i dunno still have it anot it's at topshop rm213 =)u can check it out if u wan =)

anna said...

wow ming u sew tht urself? its simple n very nice.. im trying to make something like tht i bought the checked cloth d.. but so far i searched online there are so many different templates =/ confusing.. if u don mind can u pls send me ur instructions on how to make this outfit, i really luv it =)

acsmvtak said...

geez, i guess im a tad to late for that lovely dress. are u planning to do more? let me know of u do cos i want one :)

mail me ya

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