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Thanks For Your Patience

WeeEEee! Finally I have a little time to get on the internet.Gosh I'm so so busy! Everything fell into place this past weekend, I’ve been trying to get out of my apartment lease for a month now because my sister is moving back to Malacca and I just need a smaller room for myself. Thank god I found a perfect place last night phew~ Now I'm in the middle of moving my stuff. My place is a wreck at the moment. stuff and mess everywhere! I am not exaggerating. Today It's going to be a tiring day~

p/s: I know I haven't been blogging some good stuff, but I promise that something great it's coming soon. thank you for your patience. XO~

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2 Years Of Beautiful


You're my lover and my best friend. Our simple, casual friendship grew letter after letter, visit after visit. The past 2 years you've been by my side. I like who I am when I'm with you. I was starting to loose pieces of me, you brought them back. You helped me put myself together and I love you for that.

2 years of beautiful. That's how I look at it. 2 years of something really spectacular. Sometimes, I just felt our relationship is like one big mess...we weren't perfect. There were good days and bad days. But we were this funky twist of fate that turned into a bond that couldn't be denied, only relished and cherished.


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Tati Cotliar by Christopher Ferguson for Stonefox Magazine

Acceptable Times – I wish I owned all these stuffs~ Loving the layback casual simplicity in these looks! This is what real style is - beautifully understated; style that seems effortless.

Tati Cotliar teams up with photographer Christopher Ferguson for the premier issue of Stonefox Magazine. Styled by Nadene Duncan, Tati sports casually relaxed looks from the likes of Topshop, Wangler and Ksubi in the seventies inspired, outdoor portraits. / Hair and make-up by Budi Juspandi

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Gosh I really wish to blog today but I have to pack up all my stuff...I'M MOVING OUT AGAIN!!! Unbelievable right~ I've been moving in and out for almost 5 times. I HATE THIS! Hopefully this would be the last time =D. I try my very best to come back here before the day is done to post a little something for you lovely readers. :)


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Obsessed With Stripes

I'm not sure why I all of a sudden became so obsessed with stripes and the whole nautical thing...

Like many trends, Coco Chanel was one of the first to experiment with the look and, naturally, the stylish picked up on her vibe. These days, the nautical stripe is an absolute must-have for your wardrobe. Who knew these simple little stripes had such a history?!

The nautical stripe looks best when white is paired with navy, black or red tones. Although the colors may be neutral, the print is anything but and is sure to make you stand out. Trust me you'll never go wrong with this chic and classic print to incorporate into your closet.

Top | H&M - Skirt | Vintage - Belt | Baci - Wedges | Viss - Bag | Louis Vuitton - Watch | Casio.


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Fashion Squad

It has been waaaaaay toooo long since I have last drawn anything...due to laziness >_<~ But recently I had the sudden impulse to draw again! So this is what I drew recently. A figure drawing of fashion blogger Carolina Engman who blog at Fashion Squad. I probably will send this master piece to her. Hope she love it!

My next attempt is gonna be Isabel Lucas. =D Stay tuned for more drawings~



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Keep It Simple

I've been wearing a lot of dresses and skirts lately. Now it's time for some changes~ Imma blend in and revert back to the jeans + shirt combo. Keep the fun in little details that will transform your look into something effortlessly chic. For my look, I added a sheer shirt over a cross back drape top, and some accessories. I also let down my hair (which makes most looks feminine but my hair its kinda messy here LOL) And voila! A simple put together look! What do you think?


Sheer Shirt | Baci - Cross Back Drape Top | Modestarr - Black Skinny Jeans | Guess - Black Pumps | Aldo - Pearl Rosary | Diva - Watch | Casio - Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs.


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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

 A little sneak peak at the 2011 Victoria Secret Fashion Show that we’ve been waiting for! This time the musical guests list included Maroon 5 (with Adam Levine clearly seduced with Anne V’s charm), Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo Green and Kanye West. The annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show doesn’t air until November 29th. ArhHh~ I can't wait to watch the angels!


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do you hear them? It's been awhile since I have come over here to say hello. Things have been extremely "busy" to say the least. I have to attend a few shoots last week and I have so many things to prepare for LeftBlock Junk Sale. It is tough stuff and has quickly taken over all of my spare time, which makes it pretty difficult to write these days. but here I am now to give you all a quick update.

I woke up this morning and realized the end is near, Ok…not the end of the world. Nor the end of the day. But the end of the year. I can’t believe 2011 has gone. Time flies by and now Christmas is just around the corner.We're actually listening to christmas music over here, always a good thing. I'm OBSESSED with My Kind Of Christmas by Christina Aguilera and A Very She & Him Christmas by She & Him~ Gosh...I've been playing it over and over again.

I will do my best to come back here before the day is done to post a little something more, but if not, which there is a very good case that I won't, then I suppose i'll see you guys tomorrow.


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