Selling All My Treasures

I'll be moving out again in a few weeks...and I think it's the right time to get rid of my treasures! It's time for me to let it all go at a very cheap price. Can you believe I'll be selling them at RM5-RM30! haha yea I know FINALLY huh~ I really wanted to share my pre-love treasure with you gals out there who love my style and my blog. Seeing people looking good in my clothes just makes my day.

To all pre-love bugs out there this is all yours! Remember to come by and say hi this Saturday~

 Have a great Thursday people! XOXO~

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2 Responses to Selling All My Treasures

J_Fish said...

I thought you're selling them here. =(

Too bad I can't make it on Saturday. T--------------T

.:Leeming:. said...

Hehe I'll be selling it on my facebook soon! or =)

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