Here It is! My New Hair Color!

I met a magician in town today who transformed me to a "little pony"! … Ok that was a lie. My hair is still the same but I would love to try this! I think it's super cool (Don't you think it's cool, No?)

Anyone who grew up playing with "My Little Pony" will know that pastel and bright colors were the it thing, baby. And it seems now, a decade later, we are no longer playing with them, but rather getting fashion inspiration from them! The colored hair trends that have been prevalent on the runways, style blogs, and fashion mags of Spring/Fall 2010.

I want to know what you this crazy or cool to you? Personally, I love it so much. It’s so girly yet punk. I am not the most daring when it comes to hair, I always play safe. Being a natural brown was normal and fun but got to be a bit boring since it had been my style for the past few years. But this almost makes me want to go out and get some pastel colored streaks!

If You could dye your hair any color what color would you dye?

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3 Responses to Here It is! My New Hair Color!

FiSh said...

dye it like xiaxue then you will be the center of attention XD

.:Leeming:. said...

hahaha that's too much of pink =)

J_Fish said...

I like it. It's crazy cool!! Just a chunk of hair dyed into vibrant colours is really cool, but I never have to guts to try it. =/

Btw, I like your blog alot. =)

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