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Did I tell you I'm addicted to Instagram? Well, I am. If you have an iPhone, I'm sure you know what am I talking about~ If you don't have an iPhone, you should really get one just so you can have instagram and join me! One word to describe this app FUN! I think It's kinda like picture blogging.

Lately, I've been taking a lot of photos and I'm starting to become abit obsessive. Its easy! Take a picture, select a filter of the gallery and upload it! I usually tweet what I instagram and finally linked it to my Facebook page as well.

Here you have a few photographs from m account. If you're on Instagram come find me, I'm cl_ming.


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Dot Dot Dot

I want to apologize for my unplanned hiatus from blogging and the misunderstanding about the engagement post...people are still congratulating me over the past few days~ Once again I'M NOT ENGAGED =). Anyhoo, I've been really busy with meetings lately, and meeting was good! I hope and pray there will be some good news.

What I Wore:

I have a weakness for polka dots. They're the most simple, feminine yet quirky pattern out there =). The polka dots shirt is something I've been on the look out for ages now. I saw some pretty ones in Topshop but it's way too expensive, then I finally got this from Apee and I love it so much. In fact, I squealed when I saw it and so did my best friend. It's just too cute! You can easily pair with skirt, jeans, leggings or shorts. Polka dots print are classic and timeless, you'll never go wrong with it!

I pair it with me new High waisted suede double zip detail shorts. This shorts is so versatile, you can pair anything and still look good with it. I've always love black, white and grey together =).

This sort of look was what I usually had on as a college student. Cute top, cute shorts, simple accessories and a watch.

What do you think about me look? XO~

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Taking The Cake

Be pretty in pastels this season, this spring/summer 2012 RTW runways laden-ed with the sugary pastels found in Candyland. Cotton candy pinks and blue found their complement in minty greens and lemon drops yellow. Is all about candies this season, think marshmallows, macaroons, iced cupcakes and fresh summer sorbet. Such confection are noted across the entire sartorial scale. It's inspiring the feminine side of fashion for Spring.

Swedish model Frida Gustavsson appears in 2012 issue of POP magazine. These gorgeous pictures captured by photographer Daniel Sannwald. Frida immerse herself in the pretty settings which were created by set designer Gary Card, dress in designs from the likes of Christopher Kane, Valentino , Viktor and Rolf selected by fashion editor Tamara Rothstein.


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First and foremost I would like to apologize to all my lovely readers and friends. I'M NOT ENGAGED! =D But I'm overwhelmed! And all those kind comments and fave definitely made my day, I'm just going to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you ! I can't express how grateful I am. And also be assured that I appreciate every single comments, every single fave and every single watch. I will definitely reply on all comments. But I think It will take me some time =). oh yeah~ I might migrate from wordpress to blogspot again. What you think?


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I'm Finally Engaged!

Hi everyone! I have a big news for you guys...I'm finally engaged! My boyfriend proposed to me yesterday, I felt pressured to say yes but I really wasn't ready for such a big commitment! I really don't know what I was thinking...hmmm and you know what? NAH, JUST KIDDING. No way I'm gonna get engaged, I'm not ready yet!

They say it's tough to be a teenager because you don't feel like a child anymore but you're not an adult either. I am 25 this year and I still felt like a kid =). Most of my friends are already married and some of them have kids. It makes me wonder whether I'm old or they get married too early? I'm honestly terrified of the idea of marriage...I just don't know why It freaks me out! I think it's scary about getting married because when people talk about marriage they say it's miserable. Practically all of them are doomed to end in divorce. They say being in love is nice in the beginning (I know that) but after marriage everything changes. Gosh! I don't even want to put my kids through a divorce and I want a happy marriage.

marriage is really A BIG COMMITMENT!

I'm fear of marrying someone who is imperfect.

I'm scared of loosing my freedom.

I'm scared that someone better will come along.

I'm scared of having kids.

I'm scared of the future mother in law.

Is there anyone else who felt the same way as I do?

Hmm...I think Marriage takes work and it is definitely not the fairy-tale that most people expect.

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Karlie Kloss For Free People

I know this is rather late, but I'm so in love with Free People January catalog. Karlie is just killing us all with cuteness layered in varying measures of leather, denim and stripes. Karlie was shot by Guy Aroch in New York City. Each image in true Free People form is very carefree and slightly romantic; Karlie epitomizes the NYC scene while showing off the effortlessly chic boho clothing.

The pictures are all too perfect, and the outfits are stunning!

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2nd Year Valentine's Celebration

Well Valentines day is the day when people get their expectations too high and they end up getting disappointed. True? Nah, I'm kidding~ I think Valentines day is a beautiful day especially for all the lovey dovey people out there~

As for me, 14 February is not only the start of my "HAPPY" Valentines. It already started the night before when I waited for my boyfriend till 3:30am after his meeting and I surprised him with a piece of cake and a handmade card saying how much I love him (just like every valentines day Here). He was like thank you baby~tomorrow we will celebrate our Valentines day at this pretty awesome mamak remember to get ready at 6pm...

I gave him this look (-____-) ||| Whatever!!!

Let you eat cake! =)

On Valentines day he called me in the afternoon just to tell me to get ready at 6pm and dress up decently. I'm like helloOoOo~ your girlfriend always dress up decently *perasan*. =D

I'm a punctual person, So I'm all doll up and ready at 6pm to celebrate Valentines day with the boyfriend...but he's not here yet. So I camwhore while waiting for him to arrive.

I'm waiting....

Still waiting...

 Still WAITING since 6pm till 7:40pm....I got frustrated so I give him a call asking whether he's on his way home, he said he's pretty busy and he will call me back later. I'm like WHAT? Hmm...I seriously got no idea what he's up to!

I waited till 8:00pm...oh yeah I was pretty pissed but I still need to put on a fake smile for the camera. That's the whole point of camwhoring~

The boyfriend asked me to bring a t-shirt along and go over to G floor. It was around 8:15pm. So I had a feeling that he was up to something...When I came to G floor, I was surprised to see a back seat full of helium balloons. I was so overwhelmed to see these balloons! 1st time someone bought helium balloons for me! =D

Then he say...

Wayne: the t-shirt I asked you to bring along is to blindfold around your eyes.

Ming: I'm like NO WAY! You'll ruin my make up.

Wayne: Please baby~ I hate it when my plans for the day got messed up...please listen to me for once!

Ming: Hmm...Ok...Ok...

Wayne: (pull out his tie and blindfold around my eyes) No peeping and touching the blindfold! Or else there won't be any surprise~

Ming: OK! Can I lay down so no one can see me like this...

Wayne: Yea you can!

Now we can start our journey to this "pretty awesome mamak". After 5 minutes of driving, the boyfriend said he need to get home and grab something...i'm like ok~

He then open up his car boot and grab a bouquet of red roses, card, dinner, beverages, and dessert! SURPRISE!!! We are having our dinner here in my car. I sat there looking at what he has done and sinking it all in. It was so sweet and romantic that I wanted to cry and shower him with hugs and kisses.

Thanks for the roses~

The sweet message...

and dinner!

1st dish was penne carbonara with cheese all over. Who doesn't love carbonara? This dish was perfect in every way~ The pasta comes with beef bacon, sausages, parmesan cheese, cream, mushroom and beaten egg...yum!

Second dish, Hmm I got no idea what's this, but its definitely beef =D

For dessert, we shared a tiramisu which we didn't get to finish since the other dishes was filling enough. It was such a lovely meal and I'm so in love with him for going through all that trouble to surprise me.

He said " I'm sorry baby I can't bring you to a fancy restaurant, because all the restaurants was fully booked and I had to come out with this plan...everything happened in Taipan. I waited 45minutes for our dinner in Loganhaus cause its fullhouse, that's why I said I'm busy. I bought some juices and dessert from Starbucks, balloons from Balloon Buzz and forks from 100yen store, flowers from one of my friend uncle's florists shop and I asked them to deliver over to Taipan...

Haha silly boy, I was really surprise with everything~ All the while I thought we are going to have our dinner at a fancy restaurant. I did truly appreciate all the effort that he have put in. I immediately thought I deserve nothing less than this only more and my heart began to melt. More reason for me to be in love. We have been together for 2 years,but this was the 1st time we really spend a Valentin's evening together.

After dinner we headed back to our apartment. We ended the night by watching some shows together while cuddling.

Our V-day Cards

This is what I got for him!

and this is what he got for me =)

Overall the evening turned out the be a romantic and memorable evening. Thanks for all the surprises, and thanks for being my Valentine for 2 years baby~ XO

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?

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