Be My Valentine

Today is Valentine's Day...and I have no idea how I'm going to celebrate it. We'll see what happen tonight =)~ If you're sad because you're single, DON'T BE! Today I've learned that Valentine's Day is not only for lovers. Love comes in many forms. Some of us have partners, spouses or whom we love in a romantic way. But we also love our family, parents, Grandparents, friends and other people who have a strong influence in our lives. Valentine's Day gives us the opportunity to tell them that we also love and appreciate them.

So, send the love of your life a dozen of red roses, spend some intimate time with him or her. Show them how much they matter to you and you love them. But not only Valentine's Day do we need to express to them our love, we should show it every single day~

I want to dedicate this song to all my lovely readers, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! XO

p/s:  I didn't manage to finish up this video, cause half way through the boyfriend's mom came home...and I can't sing in front of his family. I'm too shy. 

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