I'm Finally Engaged!

Hi everyone! I have a big news for you guys...I'm finally engaged! My boyfriend proposed to me yesterday, I felt pressured to say yes but I really wasn't ready for such a big commitment! I really don't know what I was thinking...hmmm and you know what? NAH, JUST KIDDING. No way I'm gonna get engaged, I'm not ready yet!

They say it's tough to be a teenager because you don't feel like a child anymore but you're not an adult either. I am 25 this year and I still felt like a kid =). Most of my friends are already married and some of them have kids. It makes me wonder whether I'm old or they get married too early? I'm honestly terrified of the idea of marriage...I just don't know why It freaks me out! I think it's scary about getting married because when people talk about marriage they say it's miserable. Practically all of them are doomed to end in divorce. They say being in love is nice in the beginning (I know that) but after marriage everything changes. Gosh! I don't even want to put my kids through a divorce and I want a happy marriage.

marriage is really A BIG COMMITMENT!

I'm fear of marrying someone who is imperfect.

I'm scared of loosing my freedom.

I'm scared that someone better will come along.

I'm scared of having kids.

I'm scared of the future mother in law.

Is there anyone else who felt the same way as I do?

Hmm...I think Marriage takes work and it is definitely not the fairy-tale that most people expect.

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8 Responses to I'm Finally Engaged!

Janice said...

lol.. and i was quite ready to congratulate you already..
nice shots in a nice car :)
i guess when it's the right time and the right man, you won't be afraid of all those things you mentioned already ^^ things will work out perfectly!

kianfai87 said...

Congrats! Anyways, everything come naturally, dun fear it and go for it :)

or else plan it lo

ting ting said...

absolutely agree !!

Michelle Lim said...

Congrats to u on your engagement & I am very happy for you .. Don't be afraid. Everything will be fine after married. Don't think of the negative stuff be more positive. Both of you just need to have trust & respective each other. You have to learn to give and take too .... In life we definitively will come across with all type of problems but just remember for all problems there will be a solutions for it . Don't worried so much my dear , it will be fine & you will have very happy wedding life . Wishes you all the best & may god bless you .

Michelle Lim

jq said...

Hey, congrats!!!

Shu said...

omg so pretty !! CONGRATS :D May you have a really really happy married life !

J_Fish said...

I'm terrified of marriage too. =( Before marriage we could be reckless but after marriage, everything has to be decided together and recklessness will cause trouble. And in-laws are another big fear.

But on a different note, your pictures are always so gorgeous. =)

henrytan said...

LOL! good way to attract people to read!
yeah, marriage comes with a huge responsibility. haha

but i wonder why you suddenly come out with all these thoughts?
Your bf ask abt it? =p

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