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I'd like to wish everyone Happy Valentine's Day~Because I love you so much, I have a special Valentine's post for you guys! Haha yea...I know I'm late again to blog about this...but these are super easy to make! Greeting cards always bring people joy, both and the giving and receiving of the card. One way to bring others happiness even more is to provide them with beautiful and meaningful handcrafted cards that have a look and difficult to duplicate in the store.

As you know I love using old magazines to create cards or rapping papers. This is an entertaining recycling activity to do with your girlies. And it's a less expensive way to send greeting cards than buying new ones. Today I'm gonna teach you how to DIY an embroidered card. I love embroidering on greeting cards, because the texture of the stitches has such impact. And its not hard to do.

To Make These Easy and Recycled Valentine's Day Cards You Will Need:

Brown paper grocery bags or leftover envelope, Glue, Magazines, Scissors, Needle, Thread.

This is how you need to cut the envelope to get a blank greeting card.

In order to flip the card. you need to pre-punch on the side of the card. Before doing that you need to place your card onto some kind of padded surface. You can use a pillow, or a folded towel, or even a sock. I'm using a pillow here~

Once you've punch all the holes, use some dark red tread and a regular sewing needle. Now you can start stitching =).


Choose a pretty design from the old magazines.

Prepare to cut a heart shape.

Now, go ahead and lay out your Valentine's card design before you glue it down.

If you want to write something, or make sure your heart is done perfectly, use pencil to draw the outline and follow the pencil line as you sew.

Do the same thing. To embroider a design onto a greeting card, you need to pre-punch all the holes where your needle need to go in and out of the paper. This need a little thought and pre-planning.

FYI I'm using straight stitch for all the designs here. The Straight stitch is easy~ just bring the needle up through the card at the start of the stitch, and back down through the card at the end of the stitch. See how much simpler my heart turned out?

My Design is done!

Aren't they lovely?

Mix and match pictures and graphics from the old magazines to design new scenes and pictures on the cards you make. There is a lot of room for creativity here. The clock is ticking, but It's not too late to make a greeting cards for ya loved ones. Good luck!


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2 Responses to Handmade Love

henrytan said...

wow they are lovely! creative ya u! =D

Think again! said...

Hei there! a nice & simple DIY valentine's gift tutorial.

Morever, as an ordinary guy with ordinary instinctive male's visual perception, I can't help but notice that you've got quite a cleaveage there!

Just pure compliment.


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