The 3rd Day of Chinese New Year

Sorry for the long hiatus, been busy lately =). Now let me talk about the 3rd day of Chinese New Year~ Well there's nothing much I can talk about. This Chinese New Year is a lil quiet...hmm I guess every year it's the same. I remember when I was young I was so excited about Chinese New Year, and as you grow older Chinese New Year is pretty much just another day.

Ok lets move on to the 3rd day of Chinese New Year...I'll call it the "lion dance day". Why? because there's 4 lion dances visit in a day. Daddy and grandma had invited the lion dance to bring luck to our house and to ward off negative energy.

Dad try to hang the firecrackers near the drain to keep the house clean and guess fell into the drain LMAO.

Lion dance troupe arrived around 11am

Lion dance post for the camera~

all the movements of the lion are based on stances and positions from the martial arts schools.

Other neighbors flocked along to check out the auspicious occasion.

Another lion dance troupe arrived just right after the 1st one!

I noticed there were many young children in the troupe playing the drums and cymbals! To my surprise there's indian kids in the troupe.

After all the lion dance performance, my best buddy Leslie came to pay a visit and he took me out to visit the rest of the SFI boys~

Cultivating gambling habit during Chine New Year. You start small when you were younger and the bet go bigger when you're older.

It was great meeting up with the boys!

Guess what happened later on in the evening? There's a few kids came over to our place with a lion dance head. They where so cute! Oh yeah..they even have a mini drum and mini cymbals.

My family invited them in and gave them ang pow =)

This is what I call 1 Malaysia. It is true that race doesn't matter when we are young so why does it matter when we are older?

At night I accompanied the little sisters at home and we watch Caroline in 3D.

3D specs on!

 I thought its kind of a kiddy movie...but this animated movie was awesome! The 2002 horror novel by Neil Gaiman became a movie in 2009. In the story a girl name Caroline enters an alternative universe similar to her own, but in this one her mother is evil and everyone has buttons for eyes. Not to mention the other mother love kidnapping children, growing bored with them, and lock them in a closet for eternity. Freaky huh!

This is spend my 3rd day of Chinese New Year. I hope your Chinese New Year had been great too~ XO!

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4 Responses to The 3rd Day of Chinese New Year

henrytan said...

LOL! funny wey ur fireworks drop into the drain! LOL all goneeeee! hahahha
yuppp! last time play 10cents 10 cents, den 1 dollar 1 dollar, den now rm10 rm10 rm10!! LOL

HouHouSek said...

wah awesome!

.:Leeming:. said...

hehe thanks =)

.:Leeming:. said...

haha yea my dad do alot of silly things =)...and yea I remember we started playing like 10cents =D

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