The 2nd Day Of Chinese New Year

My 2nd day of Chinese New Year was AWESOME! I woke up at 8am in the family and I will go to Cheng Hoon Teng temple and pray of course for living healthy, prosperous year ahead and many more. It is a tradition for us as a Chinese to give our respect and pray to our gods on Chinese New Year.

FYI Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is a famous Taoist temple in Malacca located on Jalan Hang Lekiu near Jonker Walk. It is reputedly the oldest functioning Chinese Temple in Malaysia – built in the 16th Century. This temple was the main place of worship for the local Hokkien community.

Worshippers burn joss sticks to pay thier first visit of the "Year of the Dragon"

After praying we decided to visit our grandparents (mom side)...and this is what I wore on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year~ I can't really style my outfit cause all my jewellery and shoes are not with me. I kept my outfit simple yet chic... loving the blue glittery suede skirt that I got from Gallo. I must admit, Blue is currently my favorite color! Nothing is more flattering! It definitely brightens up my skin and of course, I pair the lovely skirt with a diamante floral detail top. What do you think?

On the way to grandparents place~

Here we are! The place that gave us all that memories to cherish!

Ah po is definitely a good cook.

Yummeh~ How nice if Ah Po were in KL to cook dinner for us everyday~

Thanks Ah Po and Ah Gong for the AWESOME lunch!

My HOT Ah Po! =D

Later that night we're also having a Chinese New Year potluck party at Aunt Cindy's new place. The new place was awesome and I'm loving the interior~

Fat toad is working out! Probably she think she's too fat LOL~

Cam whore with the second sister

Aunt Cindy's to die for chocolate chesse cake.

Though the potluck was in celebration of  Chinese New Year, we were told that we did not have to cook Chinese food.  When we got there, there was an impressive array of international dishes, from vegetarian and pasta to satay to pizza, chinese dumplings, and broccoli salad.

Like many parties, the evening consisted of schmoozing with friends and family, eating and drinking good food, and playing games.


The parents will do it 1st

and then the kids~

I think stirring and tossing the Yee Sang is the only time we can make the table messy.

After tossing the yee sang with the family...we visit one of daddy's friends Uncle Koh's place that located a few doors away from Aunt Cindy's place, Every Chinese New Year Uncle Koh will host an open house for relatives and friends.

FYI this is actually a Straits Born Chinese open house (the Peranakans). We call them the Babas and Nyonyas…that is why they are serving malay food.

The tiniest nian gao!

This is one FUN open house, you can see all the relatives and friends dance along to the music~ Check out last year post HERE!

Koh Yue Sun, daddy and mummy.

After visiting uncle Koh's place we went back to aunt Cindy's place. My second day of Chinese New year doesn't end yet!

Now let the game begin!

Can you guess what we're playing?

Ring of Fire drinking game (a.k.a King's Cup, Waterfall, Circle of Death & Thumb master) is different from other drinking games as it requires interaction from all the soon to be drunken participants.

David is the unlucky one. He have to drink up all the alcohol.

As I think back on all the Chinese New Year meals with family and friends, I realize this is the element that ties them all together. food is an expression of love and has the ability to bring people together.

Phew~ I’m finally done on 年初二 …I shall post about 年初三 tomorrow. Have a nice day people!!! XO~

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6 Responses to The 2nd Day Of Chinese New Year

Yi Han said...

I like your outfit! :D Nice blog btw :)

Meitzeu said...

Hmmm :/ You are half Nyonya? :) Your outfit looks pretty! and your skin are flawless!

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henrytan said...

haha as usual temple full of people! haha btw you and your sister look alike! haha

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks yi han, and thanks for visiting my blog =)

.:Leeming:. said...

yeap! Haha actually all of us look alike =)

.:Leeming:. said...

yeap I'm hald Nyonya =)...thanks for the compliment totally appreciate much~

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