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Letting Go All My Precious

Hey dolls, this is just a quick post on what I'll be selling tomorrow. Hmm I think this is just 1% out of the many clothes we have. We are letting go brands like Zara, MNG, Topshop, Miss Selfridge and many more. Do drop by and say hi...oh and don't forget to buy something from our booth =). XO~

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I have like 3 huge boxes of clothes stacking in the store room. Sometimes I just wish I could just throw everything away =). Things is tough around here recently as I'm moving out to a new place. So I decided to sell most of my pre-loved clothes. Well I have been talking about doing this for two years now and am just getting around to it. I'm SERIOUS this time. So here we go! I'll be selling all my junks for a pretty low price. You'll be amaze with the things I'm letting go =).

Come visit us Cite, Sri Petaling this Coming friday 30th march. There will be a lucky draw session and you also have a chance to meet the famous 林叶亭 =). You probably know her if you watch this Popular Taiwan talk show called lady first. For more in click HERE!

See you guys on Friday! XO~

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Crazy Over Olivia Palermo

I always adore Olivia Palermo, she is such a sweetheart. At 25, Olivia Palermo has already become something of a fashion icon...recently I thought of changing my style to a more mature look, and I think she is someone with style that I can look up to.

Now feast ya eyes with these beautiful fashion editorial, the beautiful American model and actress Olivia Palermo photographed by Andoni & Arantxa for the cover shoot of the fashion magazine Elle Ukraine for the April 2012 issue. Olivia revels in pastel pieces from labels such as Lanvin, Mango and Azzedine Alaïa in a hotel room setting. AWESOME!

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bits and pieces

This is a few pictures that I took during the weekends, so this is what I do recently.

Picture One to Five - Hang out at the hot air balloon festival, but sadly there wasn't any hot air balloon put up at the time we arrived. =(

Picture Six - I painted me nails. =)

Picture Seven - I hang out alot at Ikea! Bought tons of  home decorations~

Picture Eight to Nine - Hanging out with the boyfie.

Picture Ten to Twelve - Interesting things that I found in my new place =)

Picture Thirteen to Fourteen - We start painting the room grey. YAY!

Picture Fifteen - An empty bedroom.

I will keep you update with my room deco progress! Happy Tuesday!

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Grandma's 81 Birthday

I was supposed to post this way earlier, but I got caught up with work. Finally I have time to blog about this =). My grandma had celebrated her 81 years old birthday early of the year. Well unfortunately most of the family member didn't manage to show up. So we organized a small and casual dinner night out for her at 99º Garden.

 99º Garden It's a new restaurant in Malacca. I personally think the food is good, I love the deco, proper ambiance and the bar is so cute. You guys should definitely check out this place. We really had a great time catching up with the family.  All in all, it was a successful birthday dinner for grandma this year...and this is definitely a great opportunity for everyone to gather.

Yeap! My grandma is officially 81 years old and she is still looking hot as always. I seriously think my grandma doesn't looks her age. She looks way younger.  I've been so blessed to grow up with all four of my grandparents alive and healthy. I mean, I'm twenty-five years old and I still have both sets of grandparents alive and kicking. They live one and the half hour away and I see them often. But I think sometimes their nearness and their constant presence in my world makes me take for granted how incredibly lucky I am that they're all still around. Many of my friends don't have a single grandparent alive. I hate thinking about how my world would change with the loss of even a single family member.

I really wish they can make it and see me getting married one day =). Now feast your eyes with these pictures~

Look at the awesome view~

Waiting patiently for our food

Carbonara pasta

Chicken salad

Grilled house chicken with black pepper sauce

Fish and chip

Grilled salmon

lamb chop with black pepper sauce

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce

Hot mamas!

Lovely grandparents

Aunt Cindy bake grandma's favorite orange chocolate cake

I look like a preggy here -___-...

Cuzzie Ashley and sis Wei

Cuzzie David, Sis Wei, and Cuzzie PJ

Family bonding time! me we are loud =D


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