bits and pieces

This is a few pictures that I took during the weekends, so this is what I do recently.

Picture One to Five - Hang out at the hot air balloon festival, but sadly there wasn't any hot air balloon put up at the time we arrived. =(

Picture Six - I painted me nails. =)

Picture Seven - I hang out alot at Ikea! Bought tons of  home decorations~

Picture Eight to Nine - Hanging out with the boyfie.

Picture Ten to Twelve - Interesting things that I found in my new place =)

Picture Thirteen to Fourteen - We start painting the room grey. YAY!

Picture Fifteen - An empty bedroom.

I will keep you update with my room deco progress! Happy Tuesday!

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One Response to bits and pieces

henrytan said...

haha! i like the "keep calm and eat more cake!" LOL

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