Should I Change My Style Of Clothing?

Good day people, wow It's been awhile since I last posted about "What I Wore". I thought of changing my style of clothing. Should I? Have you ever feel like your younger than you suppose to be? Well I do. Hmm~ I felt my style is too kiddish. I have like a bunch of tutu skirts and flare mini skirts hanging in my closet. What should I do? I think I should start out a whole new me =).

I personally think how you dress is a major part of your identity. People judge you based on your style. I think it takes time for me to get used to my new persona. I guess it's time to adopt a new clothing style...but before that lets take a look on how I style my new collar necklace.

When I first saw these collar necklaces, I was like I got to get this! Who needs a necklace when you've got an adorable stylish collar. Yeap! I'm talking about gorgeously constructed collars awash with pearls, swarvoski crystal, metallic wool, silver spikes, gold studs. It's obvious that collar necklaces has been all over. Wearing them can instantly transform a look from casual to sophisticated and chic. The 60's trends on peter pan collar and tuxedo collar with flourish variety has successfully attracted an immense amount of people and suddenly we've seeing them everywhere.

This is one of my favorite trends. Gotta get more of these pretty collars~

Pearl Necklace Collar | Malacca - Red Sweater | Vintage - Flare Floral Skirt | Brands Outlet - Beige Pumps | Aldo

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2 Responses to Should I Change My Style Of Clothing?

henrytan said...

pretty! and u should nt change ur style! =DD
i mean u can try, but this is definitely is nice for u! =D

.:Leeming:. said...

haha thanks for the compliment Henry =) appreciate much! But I'm coming 25 years old this year time to change to more mature look...=)

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