The Durex Naked Box

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the brand Durex. I found out about it since I was 15 years old. That’s when I 1st study about sex education. I remember my teacher was blowing the condom like a balloon...and he said “ if you run out of balloons for party, don’t worry you can always substitute it with condoms.”  The whole class falls out laughing!

You could say Durex has perfected the art of protection. Not only do Durex condoms guard sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy; they're also design to enhance and improve your sex life. In general, Durex condom has been labelled as the world quality of the finest condom. But do you realize the packaging of Durex condom considered outdated compare to the other brands in the marketplace. Therefore, it needs to repackage in order to attract more consumers to purchase Durex product since nowadays package of product are considered "5 second of advertisement". Durex believe that re-package the condom product would add new value and they also believe that you creative people out there will do a great job in designing its newest condom range.

Yeap! Durex is calling on emerging creatives worldwide to try their hand on the next Durex condom packaging. You heard me right! Your designs will be on MILLIONS of condom boxes all around the world! The Contest will run from 7th March 2012 to 17th April 2012. In conjunction with The Naked Box, there will be feature mini-competitions for you to win some Durex Prize Packs.

Now I'll let you know how to participate.

“Like” the Durex Malaysia Page on Facebook

Allow access to the Durex Naked Box Contest Application

If you have your own design tools, you can use those to create your design and upload it, but If you do not have your own design tools and templates you can use the design templates and tools provided on the application to create your design.

Participants may send in as many contest entries as they deem fit so long as each contest entry meets the criteria set out in the Terms and Conditions.

Get as many people to vote for the submissions as possible after you have submitted your design

Real easy right! I'm sure you guys can't wait to find out the prizes~ Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself as Durex is giving away~ Drumroll*

1. Grand prize: Cash GBP 2000 and a Durex Prize Pack (Durex T-Shirt, a pair of Durex unisex brief and Durex iPhone cover). And of course, your design will appear on Durex boxes worldwide

2. Weekly Design Winners: An Apple iPad and Durex Naked Box goody bag x 6

3. Leader board Winners: An Apple iPad and Durex Naked Box goody bag x 6

4. Every week we are also giving away 100’s of items of Merchandise e.g. Durex t-shirts, Durex unisex brief and Durex iPhone cover will be randomly chosen amongst the people voting and designing

Local prizes (for Malaysia entries only):

1.Malaysia Best Individual Design – 3 cash prizes (RM500, RM300, RM200)

2.Winning College – a unit of LCD TV

3.The most supporting college (the most entries) – a unit of LCD TV

4.Certificate of participation

NOW what are you waiting for? Get a pencil and paper and start doodle =D

To enter or vote, and for full terms and conditions, visit the Durex website or Facebook page. Entries are open now and close on the 17 April (midnight UK time) 2012.

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2 Responses to The Durex Naked Box

benjaminvai said...

lol thought u blowing a condom, professional move if u did. haha

Simeon said...

Please have a look and if you like my design vote for it. Highly appreciated.

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