MHI TV Promo

I'll talk more about this when I'm back~ But for now you can feast your eyes on these behind scenes picture! XO~

Recently, I helped Ernest out on a TV promo for a TV3 program called MHI (Malaysia Hari Ini). I'm pretty sure a lot of you know this dude and probably read his blog =)...if you don't you can check out his blog HERE. I knew this guy for quite some time but we never met or anything, or even spoken. Strangely we happen to be friends on Facebook =)...Oh and he's from Malacca too~ What a small world!

We shoot this last Thursday at Taman Tun Park. I thought it will be awkward working with strangers. In fact, when I 1st met Ernest we started talking so much and we basically clicked I guess. I was a bit nervous during the shoot because this is like my 1st outdoor shoot and I actually have a dialog for the scene. I'm quite comfortable acting in front of the camera, but I'm not quite sure about talking in front of the camera. I always think I sounds like a duck =D.

Now feast your eyes on these behind scenes pictures!

Ernest the assistant director

Azrin the director

The boss is actually one of the cast =)

I think everyone was fantastic. It was a pretty high pressure shoot as we shoot the whole thing in one day and there's more than one scenes to shoot. We had a much smaller crew, so there weren't as many people on set which meant everyone had two work twice as hard.

All set and ready!

Roll, camera...ACTION!

Director: Ming, still remember what you have to say?

Ming: Yea, MHI sekarang 7-9 pagi!

Ernest at work!


I had so much fun working with the cast and crew. I think it took 2 hours to finish up this scene. It was definitely a great experience! XO~

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henrytan said...

wow! nice! soon u will be famous ad ya!

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