Tutorial: Zig Zag Design Mani

I don't get my nails done at a nail salon very often. I enjoy the results, but getting them done takes a long time and I never like to waste money on manicures and pedicures, it's never worth it. It's just isn't a priority in my life. I usually do my own manicures and pedicures, but twice a year I go to the nail salon and get my cuticles tidied. I can kinda do that myself, but they really do look better when they are "professionally" done.

Today, I'll do a tutorial on zig zag design mani. It's very easy but it does require some patience because it involve of taping and the layers of polish need to be completely dry in order to do that. I recommend using a fast drying top-coat. So pick 2 colors and let's start!

This is all the stuff you need:

Base-Coat, Top Color, Top-Coat, Tape and Scissors.

Began with a base-coat underneath.

Now you can apply a fresh color  and let it completely dry. Apply another coat if desired.

Now cut some triangles out of tape to make the zig zag pattern. First cutting off a little piece of the tape roll which I then cut in half diagonally You'll need two or three piece for each finger. Well, you can definitely do this before step 1, It is safer to start with cutting before applying the base-coat so the tape won't get stuck to your nails and ruin the polish.

Now, place the triangle one by one, next to each other. Make sure all the pieces of the tape are completely stuck to the nail.

Then apply a darker color with a thin coat.

carefully peel of the pieces right away.

Let the design dry for awhile and use a fast drying top-coat to shorten the drying process if needed, clean up and you're done!

Walaa! Here's the end result~

Have FUN! XO~

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7 Responses to Tutorial: Zig Zag Design Mani

Caroline said...

Looks great!!! I wanna try to do so as well! Thanks for sharing it pretty! :D

Camy said...

nice one! like it :D

hildamilda said...

Nice! :D

soulesscloudy said...

wow.. great... i can try it out.. so easy...

Gladys said...

Nice! :) Thanks for sharing :)

peacemusicbabe said...

Awww... didn't know that it was super easy to do it! :)

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