Cars Go Swimming In Flooded Basement

I woke up last Thursday morning to find out my car was swimming in muddy sticky water...That's when I realize my condo car basement got flooded around 11pm Wednesday night after a heavy downpour starting early evening. Our car been screaming and swimming in the basement for hours but no one care to inform us. That's just ridiculous! Imagine paying 500 per month for management and services of the high-end condo...and the management failed to inform the residents about rising water level. I wonder what the guards were doing? Folding paper boats and play in the water?

All car parked on the lower ground was effected by the flood... and guess what! It was flooded to a depth of four feet. The management claiming that the water came up too fast in 15-20 minutes. Oh That's just bullshit! And apparently sounding the fire alarm would gave risk a stampede of people running down the stairs. Seriously I don't know what's the fire alarm for.

To make matters worse, at press time, we were told by the insurance company of the building that the cost for repairs will have to be borne individually by the car owners. I totally understand that rain is an act of god, but I believe flood is an act of man. I reckon all building basement should have implemented a proper drainage and water pump system to react to any possible water flooding. I suppose the system didn't work at all. Now most of the residents here hope there will be some compensation from our condo management.

My car and the boyfriend's car was towed to the car workshop. We have to wait 2 months for the car to be ready and the estimated cost is about 3-4k. SIGH!

Car seats were soaked wet!

There's fishes in the carpark

I save 2 fishes that day~

All the residents cars were left dead, our engines, radio, seats and documents all drenched!

Look at the elevator! We have no choice but to use the stairs.

There were a few reporters.

This is the stupidest press conference ever!

There's still no answer from the management...MCT a bunch of scumbags!

check out the news report on

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6 Responses to Cars Go Swimming In Flooded Basement

ceci said...

lol....damn funny...the fish...

Eunice said...

Was feeling so helpless when I read your post.. Hmm... totally agree with your saying : Rain is an act of god, but flood is an act of man, hopefully there'll be no next time for your apartment;)

Ernest said...

wth seriously?! i hope the ones responsible will take responsibility soon!
unbelievable! :(

henrytan said...

wow! thats sucks! yeah they should compensate you all if found out is their fault!

FiSh said...

my gosh, fish even came in there! but i think the conference is something really pointless

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Lynnie A. said...

This sucks! The management/developers should be responsible cause they didn't build a proper drainage system at the carpark...

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