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Maybelline New York Fashion Week Workshop

I always think Makeup is an art to hide flaws and to compliment features. It depends on how much makeup you like to wear. Makeup is different for everyone, some people rave about something but you might try it and hate it, so it takes a bit of research and perseverance to find something perfect!

The other day I got the chance to attend Maybelline Workshop for bloggers at L’Oreal Academy Bangsar. Well I totally forgot about this event luckily Thara reminded me =). Thanks babe~ It was actually my third time here in L'Oreal. I have always loved Maybelline’s products since coll years. Because it's good and affordable! and do you know that Maybelline is actually the #1 makeup brand in the world and they were the official makeup sponsor for the recent New York Fashion Week!

Now Maybelline is going to bring that New York energy into the street of KL!

With all the other pretty bloggers~

Make up workshop starts now!!

Celebrity makeup artist showing us the makeup techniques and some beauty tips.

Amber Chia was there too! She talks about her modeling academy and gave us some tips on how to pose =).

And then It was time to get our hands on these makeup products and start beautify ourselves. All of us get so excited! The makeup artist showed how to achieve 4 different runway looks. The G.I Jane, Sexy Starlet, Party Princess and Mystery Maven. All of us had to choose one look and do our own makeup, based on what we learned earlier. And we were only given 30 minutes! Yeap only 30 minutes...

I know I supposed to be bare-faced...but I have plans earlier and I totally forgot about this event. When Thara called I was like OMG! I canceled my plans then rush to the event =).

So I had to remove my eye makeup...and redo my makeup all over again! Gosh I need more time~

I decided to go with the Sexy Starlet  look.

This look takes center stage with luminous dark eyes and flushed cheeks – not to mention a little silver shimmer! This look provides high-impact starlet glamour ready for any spotlight.

My Sexy Starlet look! I just love to apply the darker shade on the outer corners of the eyes to make my eyes pop.

With Nuffie Luke, he's one funny guy =).

With the awesome girls Jess and cyan.

Nuffie Thara =).

Guess what's the most exciting part of the whole workshop. We were told that we could take whatever products that we used earlier. I'm like huh! Is there something wrong with my hearing or was I dreaming? HAHA! No its not a dream grab whatever you can Ming!

We were also given Maybelline’s new lip balms, called Baby Lips. How nice is that! I really love the whole packaging of these lip balms. It's vibrant and cute! By looking at the packaging the 1st thing that came to my mind was Andy Warhol artwork. This is one of my favorite lip balm. In just one application, my lips instantly feeling soft, hydrated and smooth like baby lips...and it smells Oh-So-Delicious. You really gotta try it I bet you'll love it!

p/s: Anyhoo, Maybelline is having a contest for bloggers who attended the workshop. We suppose to recreate any of the 4 looks and take step-by-step pictures or video on how we do our makeup. I would say its more like a makeup tutorial thingy. For once I actually can be like Michelle Phan haha~ but I know I can never sounds like her. Don't you think she have such a sweet voice? Well I was feeling undecided which look to choose yet...hmm should I take part?


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Stains are scarry!

As mentioned in my previous entry that I was chosen to be a featured talent for Libresse viral commercial remember? Finally the Libresse - Stains are scarry commercial is out! Excited MUCH~ Now you can check out the commercial below.

Can you spot me? =D


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Welcome Back Cuz!

Finally my sweetest cuzzie Ash is back in town! This time she's back for good. WELCOME HOME SWEETIE! we've been doing lotsa shopping and catching up lately! Now we're off for dinner!









Dunno what's happening?  Well you are not late to read all about it HERE and HERE! Make sure you win that RM5,000 shopping vouchers and go on this TALK-A-THON! Just think of all the things you can buy with that RM5,000! Keep on making calls to your loved ones, family and friends and talk about anything. Click to find out more!



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1st attempt of cooking scrambled eggs

I love eggs! I had eggs for breakfast like almost everyday~Why eggs? That because I have no idea how to cook. I never got around to learning the basics of cooking? All I do is boiled the eggs and smashed it like egg salad. Easy!

This is my very 1st attempt of cooking scrambled eggs. Everyone knows scrambled eggs are a classic breakfast staple. They are very healthy and delicious. If all you've got in your refrigerator is eggs, milk and butter, you've got yourself a meal.

Lets start COOKING:

Gather everything you need to make the scrambled eggs, such as a pan, eggs, butter, milk, pepper, basil and cheese.

Begin by cracking each eggs individually into a cold, heavy-based pan. Check the egg to see that it looks okay and that there are no shells, place on the lowest heat possible.

then add the butter.

Using a wooden spatula, stir the eggs frequently to combine the yolks with the whites.

As soon as the eggs begin to solidify, take the wooden spatula and begin to scrape the eggs from the sides of the pan and fold them over into the middle. Repeat this action continuously, taking care not to burn the underside of the eggs or allow it to stick to the bottom of the pan, until all of the runny liquid has disappeared but the eggs are still moist. Break up any large pieces of egg as you do so. This should take about 4 minutes.

add some milk!

If you wish, you can add some extra ingredients. For example, try tossing in some chopped ham, sprinkling in slowly as you stir the eggs. Or you might try adding some chopped parsley, or chopped green onion or chives. My favorite addition is cheese slices.

Gently and slowly keep stirring~ They should still be soft and quite lumpy. Don’t let them get too hot, keep moving the pan off and back on the heat.

Now remove the pan from the heat. The eggs will continue to cook even though they have been taken away from the heat, due to the heat from the pan. For this reason, you may remove the pan from the heat when the eggs are still fairly moist. Season the eggs at the last minute, then add pepper and basil.

Transfer the eggs to the plate and serve them immediately.

Some people like really soft scrambled eggs, other people like really dry scrambled eggs. I prefer it soft yumm!

Serve the scrambled eggs with toast or as you prefer.

There you go!  The most amazing way of waking up on a Sunday morning =). Surprise ya boyfriend in bed for breakfast!


So jeff, now you believe I cook this myself =D!









[ Commercial]

REMEMBER Only a few months ago, XPLAY blew the roof off at Opera, Sunway Pyramid and now it’s back to shake things up at more locations around the country! The party is just getting started and XPLAY travels around the nation, it will only get bigger and better.

This time around XPLAY will be hitting JB and KK! Excited Much? Well don't get too excited just yet, Now I'll show you the details~

Where the party at?

XPLAY, Johor Bahru

 The next XPLAY party will be at Cabana Club, Johor Bahru and will be happening on 24th September 2011. Featuring DJ Shark, DJ Benz and DJ Ken, the party will be stomping!

Date : 24 September 2011

Time : 7pm till late night

Venue : Cabana Club, Johor Bahru

XPLAY, Kota Kinabalu

Following soon after that is an XPLAY party at Bed Club, Kota Kinabalu. This land beneath the winds will experience a storm of hip hop beats delivered by DJ Shy, DJ Nuold as well as MC Vibe and DJ Point.

Date : 8 October 2011

Time : 7pm till late night

Venue : Bed Club, Kota Kinabalu

 The best thing about these awesome events – entrance is absolutely FREE! All you have to do is go to the XPAX FB Page, “Like” the page and register your details to get FREE passes!

It’s so easy to win your way into the hottest event in Malaysia’s social calendar!

  1. LIKE our Xpax Facebook Fan Page @

  2. Check out the XPLAY app in the page

  3. Choose the XPLAY location that you wish to party at (JB or KK…or BOTH!)

  4. Register your details to get 1 FREE pass!

  5. Print & show your e-mail confirmation at the entrance!

If you want to get VIP passes to this totally rocking event, there are few ways you can do so:

Remember to click like HERE and party like a rockstar!


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