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HelloOoOoo people~ How was your long Raya holiday? Mine was kinda bored, when Raya coincides with National Day this year, most people take one stretch off. I didn't. It would have been a wonderful time to be away for a family holiday or spend some quality time with the boyfriend. Unfortunately for us, there is no family vacation this year because everyone was busy, sis is in Thailand, Boyfriend had to go for his company trip yeah, there you go. I, on the other hand, being a bum at home.  A lot of my friends were back in their hometown, or gone for a holiday abroad. So I stayed home. Do some pictures editing and went for dental check-up too =).

Well before the boyfriend is leaving for his company trip, we had a dinner night out. It's been awhile since we had dinner together, and we were craving for Japanese we ended up having dinner at Pasta Zanmai.

Pasta Zanmai is definitely one of the best hidden eateries in Mid Valley. You can walk past the row many times and miss it completely (maybe I'm not alert enough). Although this place looks rather hidden but it’s a very cozy place to dine in.

There's so many options~

FYI I'm a vegetarian for a month, there's nothing much I can choose from the this is what I ordered, Tappuri Yasai Soup Pasta.

The boyfriend ordered Chicken Tariyaki Spicy Pasta. Its basically grilled chicken with pasta.

all in all the food was ok...the price is slightly above average, but what can we expect from an Italian/Japanese restaurant =).

Okay, now onto the outfit. Nothing says sweet more than polka dots. I'm loving this polka dot skirt. The length is a little short but I actually really liked it. I really went all out with the prep school student look. I added a Mickey wool sweater and a peter pan collar shirt to push the look further.

Too bad all schools weren't like the school on Gossip Girl. Students at most schools don't understand that we want to look like Blair Waldorf.

Peter Pan Collar Shirt, Miss Cindy - Mickey Wool Sweater, Donaldson - Polka Dot Flare Skirt, ThePopLook - Black Pumps, Aldo - Bag, Louis Vuitton.

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2 Responses to The Moments

Belle said...

Cute pair up! Really do wish my highschool uniform would look like this (: hey btw, could I get the link for the peter pan collar shirt? I've been hunting for it forever!

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks babe! I got mine from FOS hehe~ I'm not sure whether the still have it...or you can try Topshop =)

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