The Olay Breakthrough Challenge

The Challenge had begun!!!

Well from what you can see me and one of my Oh-So-AWESOME blog reader Wennice are planning for our pool party. Preparing a big day needs days of planning because we have things to do on our daily routines also~ working, blogging, shooting, etc Oh Am Gee that’s a lot to do. Smart girl like us will always make a list of things to buy and do. On the 1st week, We would do some shopping and pick out a perfect party dress, on the 2nd week, deep clean, on the 3rd week, start buying ingredients and foods, on 4th week. start baking about 1/2 the stuff or halfway, on 5th week, buy some extra stuff that we needed and on the 6th for the day of the party I will do the remaining cooking, some quick tidying up. Phew!!! It reduces stress when I know that I can always order out if I fall behind. Even when you're organized, preparing for a big event can be nerve-wrecking. Oh yea! Obviously la got to look great on our big day =D

For those who have freckles and pigmentation sunscreen is a must for ya skin!

But it’s impossible to look great where you have so many things to do, plus we’re out most of the time for the party preparation and working at the same time. The worst thing is I have sensitive skin which sunburns easily. Being very fair, I always wear sunscreen, even on my face. I use to find that putting regular sunscreen on my face left it feeling oily, and would in the sun literally make my foundation run off my face! But Olay White radiance is amazing. These magic creams protect my face against both UVA and UVB sun rays. It has an SPF of 24 which is great for my fair skin. Compared to sunblocks, Olay White Radiance works at cellular level, by reducing the production of melanin, the substance that appears dark on skin – hence it works by protecting the skin from UV ray, as well as preventing spots from appearing on the skin upon exposure to sunlight. FYI Olay White Radiance addresses hydration, translucency and whitening, and helps women achieve CelLucent Fairness – bright luminous fairness, rooted deep within skin at the cellular level. * epidermal level only *results not equal

Besides putting on sunscreen, These are what I regularly practice every day and night to achieve a good complexion!

1st Cleanse with Olay purifying foaming cleanser

Remember to cleanse your face every morning and night =).

2nd Treat with Olay White Radiance Essence

3rd Moisturize with Olay celLucent white cream

What made me say yes to this product? I can see that my freckles have lessened and my skin seemed more supple. (FYI, I have nyonya and Russian blood in me, so I have freckles all over me, some fine lines due to my Oh-So-Dry skin, fair but sensitive skin and so I really need this kind of product) I tried applying the product to my face day and night. It feels a lil greasy upon application, but the skin absorbs it WELL, the greasy feeling disappears after a few minutes. It has a mild feminine scent, too, which I like. Now I have discovered that it is a perfect partner for my foundation because it makes it stay longer while making my face less dry because of its moisturizing effect. No one would actually know if the product really worked, in my opinion, unless other people mention a noticeable change in your look. Friends told me my face looked more supple and younger, which made me happy of course!

You girls should really try these products! Love the skin you’re in =).

Oh YEAH! Before I end this post I need to share the 1st part of our commercial... =) Enjoy~

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2 Responses to The Olay Breakthrough Challenge

Yasmin Matthews said...

LEE MING, i think u should win this cz ur skin is sooooo much better and pretty!!
ur Chinese and uv got FRECKLES !!! goooo lee minngggg!!!!!

.:Leeming:. said...

YASMIN!!! How are you doing lately? hehe thanks so much for the support babe! Huggies~

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