Our Trip To Bangkok

This is what I found when I arrange my desktop. Pictures of our trip in Bangkok like months ago! I'm so gonna blog about this~ We'd deliberately planned our arrival on Saturday to catch the Chatuchak weekend market (or J.J by the locals). Where you can get everything from there, from apparels to home deco to food to plants to artsy crafty stuffs to pets (They are Oh-So-Adorable) to everything!

Me and the mister just love to walk around...we rather walk than taking a tut-tut =)

Look at the GAWJUZ city of Bangkok. I don't mind staying here for the rest of my life!

This stall have the best crispy pancake I have ever eaten..YUMMEH!!

This is what people does in Chatuchak - they eat, and then they shop till drop, then sit for chill out drinks, then shop again till dawn. I can walk for hours without feeling tired! I seriously won't get bored doing this every weekend =D

Mango Tango is one of my favorite dessert store in J.J market. As you know Thailand is famous for its mangos and they certainly like their mangos over here. Mango Tango offers a variety of mango desserts and is a franchise with chains all over the world.

The desserts here taste so good I totally forgot to take a pic of it =D

We went crazy for desserts =)~ Bangkokians are always looking for a sweet treat when out and about in the city and Ice Monster provides the sweet taste of milk and fruit in an ice indulgence. Although the desserts at Ice Monster are not completely guilt-free, they do seem a bit healthier if you stick with the teaser size. The large size seems rather large for an individual to eat, but it is suitable for sharing.

Me and the mister go all out! each of us had the large size, this is absolutely fantastic stuff by the way, crushed ice, a few table spoons of delight and a hint of magic...but I’m sure the sweet milk in the snow ice and sugary condensed milk in the topping helped make it even better.

Cookie & Cream, lychee Ice

The final night, we decided to explore the street food along our hotel road, the streets are pretty much flooded by tourists, I'm Loving the nightlife in Bangkok. You can go shopping at street market and buy lots of useless souvenirs but what I love about this area is the food. There’s tons of good street vendors that sell food I hardly ever see anywhere else in the city. (I especially love this particular vendor that sells beef salad) At night, the area is a great place to hunt for some delicious food.

After buying some chicken sticks, this dog follows me everywhere I go =D~ maybe he's craving for some chicken.

If you're here you definitely need to explore the night markets, bars, street food, and see the best of Bangkok. In three days, you’ll see the major and minor attractions, but you’ll have to live in Bangkok if you really want to get to know it.

We basically makan and shop the whole day~ I think I've gained a few pounds after this trip =D

I had so much fun with the mister. This is what I call it a perfect trip! =) Bye Bangkok~ We will be back real SOON!!!


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4 Responses to Our Trip To Bangkok

Kimmy said...

Awh, this post makes me miss Bangkok so much!! The food, the shopping, the people! Love everything about bkk.

Rachel said...

Gorgeous!! Where did u guys stayed? am planning a trip down soon as well...any recomendations?

.:Leeming:. said...

We stayed at the Residence Hotel =)

.:Leeming:. said...

Me love everything about BKK too~ =)

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