Use Libresse!

So sorry about the lack of posts lately, I've been working a lot and attending a lot of events. I know you guys are probably tired of me telling you how busy I am. But admit it, somewhere deep inside, you just want to keep coming back to my blog. (ish Ming ni perasan sangat la haha) I'm joking~

Anyhoo, jokes aside, check out what I've done lately...remember last time I was telling you how much I miss doing TV commercial.  Well recently I started doing commercials again! I was chosen to be a featured talent for Libresse viral commercial and I'm having so much FUN with the other talents on set...They were all so funny and crazy (in a good way) plus Shaun was there too~ he stayed around to keep me company.

I can't reveal too much about this, but I bet you guys don't want to miss it! Cause this is one HILARIOUS commercial!

6:30am call time for shoot! Pretty early huh =)

Make-up CHECK! Wardrobe CHECK! Now start Shooting!

This is Sonia the main talent

Hasmin and Nadzirah, 3 of them supposed to be my best friend on shoot =), I felt so old sitting beside these girls haha...they are all so young 17, 18, 19 and I'm 24 T______T|||.

cam whoring time!

It meant alot to me, thanks Shaun~

We all had chicken rice for lunch, sad to say they didn't give us soup...

Here comes the interesting part.  Mr. Santa have a solution, he replace soup with 100plus ewww~ and he said it taste great with an Australian accent! I think you guys should try it LMAO.

Santa said: Come, my fellow elves lets take a group shot together ho ho ho~


Now it's ya turn Mr.Santa! Quick take a picture for us =D

 All in all it was a great shoot! xoxo~

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3 Responses to Use Libresse!

Peiyinn said...

You look young too :)

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks! I hope so cause I felt so old haha~

Yvvone Yee said...

Young in your heart ^^ That's more important lor XD haha.. Anyway, u look great, Ming.. So, don't worry !

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