Olay Skin Breakthrough Challenge

Do you think my complexion is perfect? Picture can be deceiving thou =D

I know most of you think I have good complexion. Telling you the truth nah… my complexion isn’t great after all. I have really dry skin. This type of skin lacks of both sebum and moisture. It looks fine textured, transparent, patchy and fragile. My skins flakes and chaps easily compared to other skins types and tiny expression lines maybe obvious. These are the problems that I’m facing. Besides that, another comment problem that every Asian girls that are facing is having dull looking skin.

I always wanted a perfect complexion. And as a talent I need to really take good care of my skin. In the current fashion trends in the world especially in the area of fashion modelling, a lot is required. It is a competitive field out there. A good body complexion is highly required. Plus recently I’ve been driving a lot and shooting outdoor under the hot sun. Although you’re in the car but it affects our skin. Under prolonged unprotected sun exposure, it can leave us with freckles and a dull skin tone. Couple years ago, I used to think freckles are adorable. But as I get older, I get wiser, and I’ve also learnt more about the importance of proper whitening skincare.

Well everyone wants a good body complexion. Who don’t right? If every woman in the world could choose just one gift of beauty, nine out of ten would ask for lovely, flawless complexion. Of all feminine beauty assets. This is the one that most desired and cherished.

I was lucky to be chosen to take part in the “Olay Skin Breakthrough Challenge”. It falls on the right time because I need to look beautiful for this upcoming pool party that I’m looking forward to. Finger cross hopefully this 6 weeks challenge Olay White Radiance can help make my skin looks luminous. I think I’ll look Oh-So-Gawjuz on the party day haha~ perasan!

FYI Olay White Radiance has a new ingredient, CelLucentTM White that works at the cellular level for a truly luminous fairness without the need for whitening injection or whitening courses. ** Results not equal to whitening injection

The Olay WHITE Radiance range is made up of a couple basic products.They are namely the Purifying Foaming Cleanser, CelLucentTM white essence, white cream and ultra UV blocker.

All the while I thought that whitening products will only take care of the whitening, and won’t do anything to help with other things like hydration. But amazingly, this range can do all whitening, help increase skin’s renewal rate and hydration all at once! All these are made possible because of this amazing ingredient called CelLucentTM complex. * epidermal level only *results not equal

So, here is a review on the individual products I’ve personally tried!

The cleanser It’s light, foamy and smells like heaven.Just the scent of this cleanser reminds me of clean skin actually. Haha!

Essences and serum is the most important compared to the other 3 products. It acts as a booster and will help enhance the effects of your regular whitening lotion or cream. I’m loving the dropper design of this essence. Not messy you can easily get a small amount without the usual squeezed-too-much-cream problem I love the lightness of this essence. The skin absorbs very quickly and it’s not sticky!

It’s suitable for day and night use. As you know I have really dry skin so I always use this before I go to bed and I have to say my skin stays moisture when I woke up the next morning =)

Last but not least

Oh my I love this sunblock!

I hate sunblock that leaves a white film when applied and it just makes all the makeup that you put on it look oily and whitish. But this one is not heavy at all!

The new technology behind these new launches are inspired from this very insight of nowadays many women are now turning in to clinical treatments. However, they are living on their fear of taking risks and the extremely high cost and investment. Henceforth, new Olay Regeneris and White Radiance offer solution for these women who demands visible result, yet risk-free and worth a spending.

All in all, this Olay White Radiance range is value for money and especially great for those who wants to have more than one concern for their skin. Whiten, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin all using just one range! =)

I’m Loving Olay~

p/s: Remember the previous post I was saying that I'll be choosing one of my reader to undertake the challenge with me and achieve skin transformation. Yeap! Wennice is the lucky reader who will work together with me  and win as a “team” in this challenge. Do catch us on TV =)

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One Response to Olay Skin Breakthrough Challenge

Wennice said...

THANK YOU ming for choosing me as the lucky reader!
Its a great experience working with you and other crews. <3

Thank you happy happy. ^.^

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