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 Feast ya eyes with all these pictures, I'll blog about it when I'm back~ Off for a shoot! ZOOM!

Hello people! As you can probably tell from everything I've been doing lately, I've bee TOO BUSY on a very tight schedule and I never had an off day last month. I'm overly Tired...sometimes I just feel like quit blogging. Should I?

Ok cut the crap lets talk about MTV World Stage! I can't believe I was there, since concert was never my thing. I enjoyed music. But to be in the environment of a concert, Nah~ is not something which I you can't bring ya cameras in not even a compact camera -___-|||. That's pretty sux! But I sneak in my compact camera anyway haha~  Well the concert was on the 24th of July. Yea~ yea~I know it's a bit too late to blog about it =) sorry my bad.  I have to say being a part of the awesome crowd of the most anticipated concert, MTV World Stage 2011, at i-City Shah Alam is WOAH!

Me and the mister started our day hanging out at Empire. It's been awhile since we last spend time and do some shopping together.

This is what I wore to the concert =).

all set and ready to rock the concert!

We had dinner at Lammeeya before we head to Shah Alam.

Mango + Pineapple = AWESOME

I know a lot of you thought that I'm a diet freak...FYI I'm not I eat alot!

And here we are at the concert! We were abit late...The registration took place somewhere quite far from the parking lot where we parked our car. There's this one big tent where the crews performed bag check, tickets check, and ponchos and fans giveaways. Surprisingly I managed to sneak in my camera haha~

I miss out pop shuvit performance...alot of them said they were great!

K-pop fans attended MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia in huge numbers again this year and made their presence known when Beast took the stage. Dressed in all white, Beast opened their set with “Shock” then went straight into their hits “Fiction” and “When It Rains.” The girl fans around me were all over them, well I'm not a big fan of Beast...but I enjoy standing at the middle of the crowd just to observed how crazy their fans react =D.

I think he's the cutest thou =P

Neon Trees was the third gig. Their music were oh-so-FANTASTIC and they bring the house down a little. The vocalist of the band is a true rocker. He has a great live-singing voice. I totally love his showmanship! he’s genuinely mad-wacky and passionate. It was just what the concert was missing before that. The last song of their set was of course none other than their hit single, “Animal” which got everyone singing along. Freaking AWESOME performance!

The tired crowd =)

The mister and his bestie Navin.

This is what I've been waiting for the whole day. 30 Second to Mars finally came on after a long wait between the set. Anticipation that had been building all night came to a climax as the massive crowd erupted in cheers. The first song they played was an improvised version of “A Beautiful Lie”.

The band is basically all about Jared Leto. The girls screamed their lungs out when he takes off his shades. Those sexy eyes PERH~ He did very well in controlling the crowd and getting all of us involved. I'm totally speechless~ I just stare at him from the moment he came on stage. He's drop dead good looking. I would definitely date a 39 years old guy like him LOL~

He has a great pitch-perfect singing voice. I was quite impressed with his screams/growls. He can really sing live!

For their encore, the band played “Kings and Queens” and frontman Jared Leto invited dozens fans on the stage to wrap up an amazing night of live music.

Yeah this is how close I am that night! =D

All in all, the event was surprisingly entertaining. I had a lot of fun with the mister and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time. Love the stage set-up, the atmosphere, the lighting, fireworks, props, background visuals, sound system, the performances, the very responsive audience; basically almost everything was brilliant.


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Peiyinn said...

MTV World Stage! I didn't have the chance to go :(
It would be a awesome day! :D

Mister said...

Wah baby mana lu dapat all those awesome angers and clear shot pictures?? Haha:p

Rachel Scarlet said...


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