The Challenge Has Officially Begun!

Remember the Olay Breakthrough Challenge I mentioned about HERE! Its all begun and I'm excited much~ Before we undergo the 6 weeks challenge, we had a a face consultation with the Oh-So- Friendly skin dermatologist from P&G, Aishah, who assessed our skin condition.

Well I'm very sure about my skin condition, and I think everyone who follows my blog knew I have very dull and dry I use make ups like almost everyday, and that's bad! Our face is one part of our body that takes a lot of heat from weather, temperature and cosmetic products. Flaking, dry skin that occurs on the face can be the result of a natural process or caused from a product that you are using. While there are many causes, finding a solution is the key in getting your complexion back to normal...and I guess I found a great solution for my skin to look luminous, radiant, and glowing once again!

I'll be updating the process here on my blog, can't hardly wait to see the results after 6 weeks! Now feast your eyes with some behind scene pictures.

Can't believe I have Zero make up on here!

CheckI Check! Check!

From Aishah's face expression you know how bad is my complexion LOL~

Now is Wennice turn!

FYI Wennice will undergo the 6 weeks challenge with me. There will be  3 other teams joining us too.  We're gonna prepare our challenge by doing things that we're good for. I'm not gonna reveal it right now, you'll find out real soon~

I guess Aishah said Wennice your complexion is so much better than Ming's complexion =D

Stay tuned this page, as I'll be updating my journey and experiences with Olay White Radiance for you my lovely readers. Our 1st episode of commercial  is out on TV! Check us out in all chinese Astro channels and TV3, NTV7, 8TV.

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