Lazy Days

As you realize...I hardly blog. I was feeling a lil lazy recently, still feeling a lil lazy now to blog. But I promise I'll update more often =). I have a lot to share!

Finally I listened to my friends and family who always keep teling me to stop, breathe, relax and chill~ I'm glad that they totally understand my situation. Luckily I always had my camera with me to capture one of those rare moments where I escaped the craziness of work and the pressure of new deadlines. Nothing calms me more than hanging out with friends and family, finding for beautiful location shooting photos for my blog.

What I Wore:

I was really lazy to dress up. Grabbed whatever was on top of my pile of clothes and out the door I went! This is one very simple style of Ming...sometimes I just feel like changing style =).

Tiered Chiffon Top, - Pleated Side High Waist Shorts, - Boater Straw Hat, BKK - Heart Shape Shades, BKK - Bucket Bag, - Shoe, Baci.


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3 Responses to Lazy Days

Peiyinn said...

Like your simple casual look! Your sunglasses look cute. :)

frauline said...

pictures effect are so vintage! What camera are you using? :))

Natalie said...

I love this outfit, I am checking you website right now!
Details are cute and makes the pieces unique with a twist..
Are you the designer?

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