So Happy To Have You Back Home!

Finally the mister is back!!! So happy to have this guy back home!!!

What I Wore:

The weather was amazing today, hot and muggy this morning~I feels like wearing something new, so this is what I wore today! My favorite new checked shirt and army pants that I just bought last weekend =). I always love checked shirts, checked shirts have been in style in like forever and its also easy to style. They will look great with anything. Whether you want to pair a checked shirts with a pair of short or long jeans, it will look so cute. Checked shirts is definitely a must have item in ya closet!

Happy Wednesday People XO!

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3 Responses to So Happy To Have You Back Home!

Jean said...


helencc said...

Ming, U look HOT!
Simple yet Nice~

.:Leeming:. said...

Hehe thanks for the compliment babe, totally appreciate much~

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