The 5th Week Of Olay Breakthrough Challenge

Time flies! I can’t believe this is actually our 5th weeks into using Olay White Radiance I could already see that my skin tone was brighter than before. I feel a big difference and it truly nourishes my face. Before using it I always have blackheads causing dark spots, has a dry skin, pigmentations starting to get more obvious when expose to sunlight, but with Olay White Radiance my dark spots are gone, no more dry skin, and I can now stay longer under the sun without worrying about the pigmentations on my face.

I am so thankful that finally I found a perfect product for my face. Overall it’s the best face cream product I have ever used! And now I’m using it on my neck as well. I wonder if I should also slap the cream on my arms and see if it works there too haha~ =D

Olay White Radiance addresses hydration, translucency and whitening, and helps women achieve CelLucent™ Fairness – bright luminous fairness, rooted deep within skin at the cellular level. In fact, Olay White Radiance CelLucentTM White Essence is proven to give 60% more spot reduction.*

Olay has definitely restored my confidence in skincare. Understanding our skin needs, Olay helps achieve the level of skin transformation that you yearn for in time for your special day. There are only a couple of weeks more for our special occasion to arrive! Do you think we can achieve CelLucent™ Fairness – bright luminous fairness, rooted deep within skin at the cellular level*

Taking good care of your skin is certainly the most important thing for looking good; having a nice clear smooth complexion makes you look young and healthy. Beside that staying in shape is important too. One of the main natural skin care techniques is good nutrition. We all know that health is wealth, so it is always important to uphold the value of proper eating, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle in order to stay in shape and to be perfectly well.

Wanna know how we stay in shape before the party? Here's our secret!

By doing more outdoors activities =). With Olay we are not afraid of the sunlight anymore. The weather doesn't stop us, we don't plan our outdoor activities around when the sunlight is weakest...RAIN or SHINE we still stay as our plan!

All pack up for paintball!  Paintballing is a fun way to stay in shape, meet people and simulate combat without the danger. A day of paintball is much more fun and you can actually focus on your game if you aren't constantly gasping for air.

Finally we are here at Taman Sukan Lasak (Extreme Park)

Waiting to register~

While waiting I started camwhoring a lil

Shaun the Mak Cik  that jual curry puff haha~

Terrorist attack!

After all that waiting, the person in charged said that our time clashes with another team...=( We booked like 2 weeks earlier and now you're telling us about time clash? Bad management! ArHhhHh~

Well luckily they were kind enough to let us play archery for free! Yayy~

lets shoot some bows!

Fuyoh look at Shaun macam gaya only...

Now see my gaya pose! Haha~ Surprisingly I can do this!

The string hits my arm after I release and the impact inflicts bruises. It's starting to look like I'm being abused. Haha. But It's all worth it!

Check out what Wennice did to keep herself in shape:

This girl is even crazier than me! She joined the BOOTCAMP! I'll probably faint during training...I don't think I can survive even a 5minute warm up haha that's how weak I am. I SALUTE YOU BABE!

1 more week left to PARTY!!! Let us know what you think of your skin by commenting below! =)

*in the epidermis layer only

p/s:  Olay Malaysia FB is giving away Olay White Radiance & Regenerist products. Hurry! Go over to to find out more! Remember to click LIKE on Olay’s Facebook page HERE!


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