Being a Vegan

I've been a vegetarian for a month due to some personal reason, and I think being a vegan is not that bad after all. Well my family never ate much meat at home. We had meat like 3 times a week. My mom gave us vegetarian food every other day or so. Not because she's a vegetarian, she just isn't obsessed about meat.

I'm on the road to redemption with incorporating more vegetation in my diet an getting rid of meat. The only thing that's frustrating about being a vegetarian is not really having a place to eat when I'm outside. There's like 1001 fast food and no place for me to grab some veggie variety. Subway and Salad's get mighty boring.

Thank god I found a vegetarian restaurant in Sunway Pyramid called Simple Life, when I was hanging out with the mister last Sunday. We sat down and enjoyed a nice dinner together. I miss those day when we can have breakfast, lunch and dinner together hmm...well it was a special Sunday (or at least I think so) instead of working till late we spent some quality time relaxing and chatting. It's interesting what a relaxed pace and a little step or two backwards can do for ones sanity.

There are varieties of foods, appetizers and drinks for you to choose. Everything look so delicious in the menu.

love the calm surroundings.

as usual the mister will never let go his iPod touch.

and I nvr fail to cam-whore =D

The mister ordered Mixed Fruits Rojak cause he had his dinner earlier...

I'm still waiting for my food~

Tadaa! Pesto Sauce Spaghetti with fried mushroom yum!

I have to say the food was delicious =). Simple Life Restaurant was patronized by many diners because of the quality of food, service, ambiance and affordable pricing.

Let's move on to What I Wore post:

Yea I know It's been awhile since I last posted about my daily fashion post. So sorry~Now feast ya eyes with these pictures. and thank God the sun cooperated with the mister and myself . I kept it quite simple for a Sunday out with my mister. I had a white shirt on and a silk skirt with feminine pattern on, then I accessorize it with my pearl jeweleries.

Sheer White Shirt, Baci -  Midi Silk Skirt, Belongs To The Lil Sis - Accessories, Diva - Heels, Vincci - Bag, Louis Vuitton.







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2 Responses to Being a Vegan

Jess said...

Food looks good here! I should give a try :)) I love your accessories , very nice !

.:Leeming:. said...

Hehe thanks so much babe! Yea I think you should give it a try =)

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