The Weekenders

After reading KinkyBlueFairy blog about the Alice In The Wonderland set up at concourse Mid Valley I decided to drag Wayne and Jaime there after work. But sadly typical Jaime always gave me false hope -___- ... luckily Wayne said OKAY!!!

Wayne: I'll be slightly late...effing jam!!!
Ming:HUH!!! ok...ok...speed as fast as you can.....I'll be waiting for you patiently at starbucks k...
Wayne:Reached* I kept calling you but you didn't answer my call...
Ming:Sorry~ was enjoying my coffee...didn't notice =) want some?Guess ur tired cursing about the jam...
Ming:HUH!!! It's 9? come let's go we're LATE!!!
Wayne:It's still very early...
Ming:Yoooo~ weekend always no parking =(
Wayne: Be patient girl...
Ming:Eh must chant om mani pad mi om...hopefully there's a parking space for us.

Wayne:-_______- you and your chant...
Ming:There! See told you it really you keep teasing that l have small eyes but still i manage to find parking space like most of the time...what would you do la without me such a big parking space also cannot see...
Wayne:I'll be chilling at home watching football match...rather than checking out some stupid set up lo...haha~
Ming: -_______-....not funny~

I was really amaze by the set up. So pretty~ It almost like I'm in a dream.I keep repeating WAH like a thousand times until Wayne got irritated by me...I guess this is the last time he'll be hanging out with me. LOL~

Ming:Eh Wayne quick take a photo of me with the mushrooms...WAIT! I want the whole outfit to be seen hehe~
Wayne:CANNOT LA~ The mushroom too huge...u'll look damn small in the picture.
Ming:nvm...just take only...
(above is the outcome of the photo taken)

Look at the crazy crowd that's pissing me off...I can't barely take a good picture with the beautiful set up =(

Striped top, Topshop - Faux leather jacket, Pull & Bear - Tutu skirt, ThePopLook - Legging, Miss selfridge - Black pumps, Vicci.

okay well, i think i've done enough blogging for today. ~xoxo~

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9 Responses to The Weekenders

Sabrina said...

hi, dont you think it's abit too hot to wear leather jacket in a tropical country?
this is not about the high street fashion, it's about how you dress up according to the weather and environment

.:Leeming:. said...

nah its not hot when u wear it in the mall thou...but thx for the info dear totally appreciate it =)

AaronWoolala said...

I haven't seen the setup myself.
Wanna try and photoshop someone's face into those flowers =D

.:Leeming:. said...

Aaron braces guy: haha go check it out!!!very nice!!! photoshop someone's face huh? guess 1 of them would be Sakuru haha~

Anonymous said...

is that the same marc jacobs bag u posted previously? it's a nice simple black bag. where did u get it and how much?


Rachel Scarlet said...

Oh darling! The set-up is amazing! And you look GORGEOUS in the whole outfit. Who cares about the heat, if it makes you happy, wear it! That's how I get

Lynn F said...

perhaps i should go check out soon too! lol..
anyway, nice pictures u have thr ;)

.:Leeming:. said...

anonymous:Yeap is the same 1...I suggest you go check out at Marc Jacob store itself =)...because there's more designs for you to choose =)

rachie darl:you went there and check out too...?i bet...cause it's so near to ya place haha~ yea we don just dress to look good, we dress to kill LOL~

lynn:thx for the comment =)hehe yeap you should go check it out =)

Christian Cruz said...

Hi, I came across your blog & saw the photos from the inside the mall! Which mall is that found at? I don't think it's here in America, is it? ]:
Thanks so much!

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