p/s:there will be more fashion post and make up tips coming up~

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ming, could you please post some tips on diet? I want to have a body like yours =) It would be great if you could provide some great tips to chubby girl like me. Thanks in advance. xoxo

Cindy Khor said...

i like your rara skirt, very vintage feeling. nice curly silky hair you'd got there. i'll hed your advice from now on to wash hands and face frequently

Anonymous said...

i agree with anonymous. talk bout dieting!! you look awesome.

Domokun said...

hey ming,

U've got great abs, any tips on how to get them?

Anonymous said...

and can I know what is your daily routine schedule? Do you sleep early and be healthy in order to get beauty look? Cheers :D

.:Leeming:. said...

Anonymous:ok will def do so =)

CindyK:hope what post is effective...thx babe =)its from brands outlet kids department hahaha~

anonymous:yeap i'll def talk about dieting soon~

Domokun:haha where got abs wei...i need to work out more to achieve that =)

anonymous:haha i don sleep early my darl i sleep quite late...always remember apply eye cream =)its very important!!!

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