Happy Father's Day

Sometimes I think you don't need a boyfriend if you have such a cool,loving and AWESOME DAD!!!
~LOVE you much daddy~

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8 Responses to Happy Father's Day

Vivien said...

wow, your whole family looks good, your mum pretty :P

rYnz's Closet said...

Happy father's day, uncle :D

Kenji™ said...


Anonymous said...

ming, i love ur look. have been waiting for your makeup tips.. when can share?
Also, can share makeup brands u r using now?

Anonymous said...

hey ming! I've been waiting for your diet post >_< seriously need HELP ! thanks ^^

jadezheng said...

ahaks; i agree. COMPLETELY!

.:Leeming:. said...

viv:hehe thx viv

rynzy darl:hehe help me to wish ya dad too ya =)

Kenji:haha agree huh=)

anonymous:sorry babe quite bz with things lately but i'll def share wit u...i used a few brands babe will talked more about it on make up post ya =)

anonymous:diet post will be up soon.

jadezheng:haha yeapi!!!

flizzardo said...

must be a hell of a celebration for super dad!

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