Three Days Back To Malacca

On my way back to Malacca to celebrate mummy's Birthday~ This is the best trip ever and I've learned some new things.

Chicken Delight is one of my favorite makan place when I was a student...this restaurant it's been around for more than 10 years. I'd have to say they serve the best claypot chicken rice ever =)

Enjoying my papaya milk...Hmm~hmm~

look at this annoying kid...I dunno what's that expression for.

We will never miss out Dataran Pahlwan if we were in Malacca!

1st we had our favorite oyster noodle at DP

then Mahkota Parade for Mcd's ice cream...guess what we have here!!! The twin twist ice cream is back! Gosh this was once extinct and now you can get it in Malacca.


We save the last for the best. Nadeje Mille Crepe~ Oh Yeah this is definitely one delicious journey!

Later at night dad brought us to his god mom's "Kong Teck". He said we have to see this. I seriously got no idea what Kong Teck is until dad explained to us.Well Kong Teck, is a Hokkien term. In Mandarin, this is known as " Gong De ". This ritual is said to benefit the deceased to prepare for their next phase of life.

Traditionally, the ideal situation is that a person passed away peacefully without suffering any pain or illness.
Therefore, family or relatives spent huge sums of money on this ritual.

This ritual is held on the 49th day after the deceased passed away or you can do it after 3 years. It is mainly the burning of paper replicas of items such as:

1. beautiful paper home/palace.
2. burnable car such as a mercedes benz (this car is built from bamboo strips and covered with colored paper)and it really look like a car.
3. `hell money' or `hell notes' . These are printed paper money.
The hope is also to give the deceaseda smooth journey without `sickness'. In addition, "silver" and "gold" (paper) known as "Jin Zhi" (silver notes) and "Yin Zhi" (gold notes) respectively.

The purpose of the burning is to sent' it "up" to the dead so that he/she can use the new home, car, money (during their after-life.). Thus Kong Teck is to bring auspiciousness to the deceased.

During the ceremony, held on the 49 day, where possible, high ranking monks or taoist priests were hired on that day to chant mantras etc.. This monks or priests are (considered) as " lawyers " to "plead" the deceased case to the Hell Judge or King of Hell known as " Yan Luo Wang ".

My jaw dropped when I was told that this ritual cost around 60K @_@ that's a lot of money...Too bad I wasn't there to observe the whole ceremony...cause daddy is rushing to a dinner.

About 11:30pm we all surprised mummy with a cake...

Happy Belated Birthday mummy!

We thought of having chicken rice ball the next morning. Too bad they were closed every Thursday =( we ended up having Nasi Beriani.

After breakfast we planned to make a move. but the 2 lil toads keep asking us to stay longer cause they missed us so much~

We decided to spend a little more time with them at Jusco. Since I've never been to the new Jusco in Malacca...

Oh my I love Malacca Daiso...look at the varieties of sweets and snacks they have!

look at the 2 excited toads go koo koo haha~

After 3 days of junk food overload our's time to head back to KL. The mister wanted to stay longer but too bad I have to work the next day =).

It was an AWESOME trip back to Malacca.

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5 Responses to Three Days Back To Malacca

Sam said...

OMG the once extinct twin twist is back? I don't see any in KL's Mcdonald.

Suraya said...

wah... i didnt know the Gong De ceremony can cost that much. thx for sharing though :)

.:Leeming:. said...

Sam:Haha yea but I can't find it in KL =)

Suraya:Ur welcome babe~ I also didn't know can cost that much =)

Anonymous said...

hi, where can chicken delight be found in malacca? and which place did u go for the oyster mee n nasi bryani? :)

.:Leeming:. said...

Chicken Delight located at Bukit Baru just right opposite the Library. you can have the oyster mee at KL too and nasi bryani is very near to portuguese settlement melaka.

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